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Your Top Baby Sleep Questions, Answered

Can’t get your little one to sleep through the night? Not sure what this “sleep training” thing is all about? This week, pediatric sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Kempton (also known as the Baby Sleep Pro) answers your most commonly asked questions about baby’s sleep problems. Here’s what moms … More »

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Back-to-School Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

Some of us jump for joy this time of year… especially  parents with school-aged children who’ve spent the summer  moping around the house complaining of boredom. Despite their jam-packed, fun-filled days and late nights chasing fireflies or roasting marshmallows, these last … More »

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Resetting the Clock: Time Zone Tips for Traveling with Tots

Traveling with kids can be pretty tiring for the whole family, and crossing time zones can wreak even more havoc on sleep routines. As I mentioned in my last post, 5 Sleep Tips for Traveling with Tots, if you’re only … More »

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Sleep Tips For Traveling

As I prepare to head out west to Portland with my family tomorrow, I am reminded about the impact to their normal sleep routines this could have. Given there is both a time change and change in sleeping arrangements (my … More »

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sleep tips for springing ahead

I’m already enjoying the longer stretches of daylight at the end of the day with my daughters. We are eager for this weekend when, despite losing an hour of sleep, we gain an hour of daylight. And after the loooong … More »

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