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Chilling Out with Your Bump: Tips for Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat While Pregnant

We all know about the pregnancy glow, but what about the pregnancy glisten? Those of you who have sported a bump during the dog days of summer know exactly what I mean. After all, carrying around an extra person (or … More »

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How to Shower a City Baby: Tips for Planning a Baby Shower in the Big City

When it comes to feting a big city mom-to-be, there’s lots more to consider than just diaper cakes and baby buggies. Here are some tips to help you throw the perfect baby shower for your city-dwelling BFF.

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Keeping Cool with Your Belly and Your Baby

The heat of the summer can be rough on a pregnant mama. One of my good friends was eight months pregnant with twins during some of our hottest months and she made it through. The answer for her is the … More »

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First-Time Moms’ Maternity Checklist

Congrats, you’re pregnant! Get ready—during these next nine months, you’re going to go through a lot of changes: physical, emotional, and yes, financial.  But before you start shopping for cribs and strollers, you’ll need to take care of your own … More »

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Babymoon Bliss: 3 Vacation Options Before Your Baby Arrives

A babymoon is a last hurrah of sorts. Life as you know it changes forever once a new bambino arrives. In retrospect, our advice is to cherish every last pre-baby moment to refresh, rejuvenate, and connect as a couple. How … More »

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Are Fragrance-Free Products Safer?

by Margie Kelly, Communications Manager, Healthy Child Healthy World Have you noticed scents wafting throughout some stores and even airplanes? According to AdWeek, associating a scent with a brand is the latest retail trend. It may seem you’re smelling freshly-cut … More »

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5 Clever Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

When I was first pregnant, I kept the news very close to my (bulging) vest. Of course, I told my husband and the eleven other people on our African safari, but after that I was tight-lipped. Here are five clever … More »

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Pregnant with Multiples? What Your Body Can Expect with Twins, Triplets, or More…

So you’ve been reading all about what to expect during pregnancy, but now you’ve just heard some news that changes everything - you’re carrying double, triple, or more! Whether you’re overjoyed, overwhelmed, or both, before you can push around the double … More »

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What is a Kick Count and Why Is It Important?

By First Candle Kick counting is a great way for you and your partner to bond with your baby. By performing a kick count at the same time every day during your last trimester, you can also help your doctor … More »

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Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

In general, we like to see moms gain between 25-35 pounds during their pregnancy to promote good health in the baby. For moms who are starting out under weight, your provider might recommend that you gain between 30-40 pounds. For … More »

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