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12 Tips for Choosing Safe & Eco-Friendly Toys

You’re probably careful about avoiding choking hazards and other common safety issues with toys, but did you know there are a wide variety of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals that could be in them? From lead and cadmium in paint, … More »

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5-Star Customer Faves: Bath Edition

We work hard to choose only the best products out there — and we love to hear when we’ve succeeded! Not only is it great feedback for us, it helps other parents know which products they’ll love, too. So take this … More »

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It’s Summer! Replenish Your Body, Mind, and Milk Ducts

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the longer days to start some healthy new habits, boost your mama mojo and be your best for your baby, whether he/she is inside or outside of your belly!

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The Neutral Nursery

There are lots of great ways to put together your dream nursery without relying on the old standbys, pink and blue. As an added bonus, a gender-neutral décor gives your nursery a more contemporary feel and opens up a whole … More »

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Eco-Friendly, Green, Organic, Healthy: What’s the Difference?

Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon these days and labeling their products “green,” “organic,” “eco-friendly” and “healthy.” The problem is, the terms tend to get used interchangeably, and it’s hard to know what’s what. Customers tell us all the time that … More »

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How to Make Organic Baby Food Fast and Affordable

Making your own baby food is easy and economical. All you need is a blender or food processor (although in many cases a fork will do the trick), and some empty ice cube trays handy for freezing small portions for future … More »

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Trying to create a healthier, greener home? Behold the green shopping guides.

I’m always looking (and so many people ask us) for quick answers on how to create a greener, healthier nursery.  Lots of environmental nonprofits have added “green shopping” guides to their sites. Here are some of Q Collection Junior‘s faves. … More »

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When is organic truely organic?

There is a ton of confusion right now on what is and isn’t legitimately organic. Q Collection Junior relies on the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) to inspect and certify that all of cotton we use on our bedding collection … More »

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in the news: yet another reason to eat organic

In case you were looking for another good reason to shift your family to a more organic diet…..CBS News (and many others) are covering the release of a new study strengthening the link between higher pesticide exposures in children and … More »

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news alert: 2 food additives banned from organic baby food & formula

In a move that has been cheered by supporters of strict organic food standards, The Obama administration announced late yesterday that two synthetic additives will no longer be permitted in infant formula or baby foods certified as organic. To read … More »

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