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Nighttime Nursing Comfort: Breastfeeding Bras that Work Around the Clock

Before your baby begins to sleep through the night, he or she will inevitably wake and want to nurse in the wee hours — long before your coffee pot has even brewed its first cup. Make these middle-of-the-night feedings easier … More »

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Dealing With the Hubbub of the Holidays with Your Nursling

There’s nothing sweeter than nestling in for the holidays with your baby. But for most of us, the season also means store hopping to shop for good prices, decorating, visiting family and friends, and even flights, and long road trips. Sometimes … More »

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Holiday Style for Nursing Moms

The holiday season is filled with special occasions and parties – from office gatherings to family dinners, and black tie events to New Year’s Eve countdowns. Deciding what to wear can be exciting, but it may take a little more … More »

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What Do Halloween and Breastfeeding Have in Common?

We find the number of expecting mothers who are tricked into thinking that they’re prepared for breastfeeding, and then are spooked by the whole experience, to be truly frightening, and completely unnecessary. Breastfeeding IS challenging, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Here are some examples of expectations and scenarios that can get moms into trouble and how to avoid them: More »

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Maternity Bras vs. Nursing Bras: What’s the Difference?

Before most women even know they’re pregnant, their breasts begin to change, sometimes without them even noticing. But before long, those pre-pregnancy bras are going to start feeling uncomfortable or tight. For some, it may happen early in their pregnancy, for others it may happen towards the end of those forty weeks. Either way, it’s important to wear a comfortable bra that offers support and room for growth. More »

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Funniest Breastfeeding Stories

Parenting has been a gold mine for comedians from Bill Cosby to Louis CK . . . and most comedians have not even begun to tap into the motherlode of humor around breastfeeding! We asked our Facebook fans to share their … More »

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Turn a Baby Shower into a Breastfeeding Shower!

If you’re expecting, or are throwing a baby shower for someone who is, consider making the celebration a great chance to get pumped up and prepped for the big day and breastfeeding! The fact is that the hardest time to … More »

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It’s Summer! Replenish Your Body, Mind, and Milk Ducts

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the longer days to start some healthy new habits, boost your mama mojo and be your best for your baby, whether he/she is inside or outside of your belly!

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First-Time Moms’ Maternity Checklist

Congrats, you’re pregnant! Get ready—during these next nine months, you’re going to go through a lot of changes: physical, emotional, and yes, financial.  But before you start shopping for cribs and strollers, you’ll need to take care of your own … More »

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Sharing Breastfeeding Gear

Breastfeeding is eco-friendly. Your body makes just what your baby needs. No excess or waste. There’s no formula packaging to throw away. No bottles to clean. No manufacturing or shipping pollution. Even what goes in your baby is highly metabolized. … More »

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