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We’re Pregnant! 4 Unique Gifts To Announce Your Pregnancy

You’ve taken the test and it has been confirmed — you’re pregnant! You may have already told your partner or announced the news to your family, but chances are good that you’re still waiting for the “where” and “how” to … More »

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Breastfeeding and Springtime

Spring fever. We’ve all got it! Ditch those coats and hats. Banish the heavy baby blankets. It’s time to head outside for some fun. With this, comes more options for where you can comfortably breastfeed en plein air. Give it … More »

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Playground Culture

When we first moved to New York, one of the first things that I noticed that was so blatantly different than the Bay Area was the playground life. On the weekdays, most (seven out of ten) children are accompanied by … More »

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Going Back to Work As a New Mom

Back at work, already? If you are like most new mothers, you may experience conflicting feelings about returning to work. It may be difficult to leave your new little one, but you might secretly look forward to uninterrupted lunches and … More »

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7 Simple Pregnancy Tips for the Mom-to-Be

Most pregnant moms know the standard pregnancy tips. You’ve probably heard about what fish to avoid and what tests you’ll need so often that you could teach it in medical school. So let’s try to focus on what you may … More »

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gList Interview: Vanity Fair’s SunHee Grinnell

This week, we go behind the scenes with SunHee Grinnell, the Beauty Editor of Vanity Fair magazine and a New York mom we love. We have to say, we adore what SunHee calls her greatest achievement: “Being a good (working) … More »

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On The Road Again…

No matter if you’re a working parent or stay at home parent or somewhere in between, there will come a time where you need to hit the road. Be it for business, pleasure or some combination, it is great to get away, but also sometime excruciating to leave little ones behind. With Who’s Your Mommy on the road this week, it got me to thinking about how we try to keep it together when one of us is on the road. More »

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Take Help – Stay Sane

Well those times may be over, but as parents, you can’t lose your identity as the couple who started the whole thing. Hold on too tight and you will squeeze the fun out of parenthood. If you are lucky enough to have family and friends willing to help out occasionally to give you some “me” time or “us” time, I strongly suggest you take it.

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