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10 Spooky and Easy-to-Make Halloween Treats

So you’ve got the kids’ costumes all set, the candy bins stocked, and the front porch all decked out for Halloween. But if you’re feeling extra-ambitious this year, allow us to inspire you to take the Halloween fun to the next level – … More »

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Green Your Halloween: How to Have a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holiday

Halloween! Have your kids been counting the days since last year? You’re not alone. It’s arguably a favorite family holiday, but our celebrations can be haunted in unexpected ways if parents aren’t careful. Not only are Halloween costumes, fake blood, … More »

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10 Ridiculously Adorable (and Homemade) Kid Costumes

Generic Halloween costumes come out year after year, and although there are definitely plenty of cute ones out there, if you ask me, handmade costumes will always trump store-bought. Not only are they usually better quality, but the sky’s the … More »

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3 DIY Costumes You Can Make from a giggle Better Basics Layette

This week, I accepted a challenge from giggle to come up with three DIY (and comfy) Halloween costumes for babies. The catch? They all had to be fashioned out of giggle Better Basics Baby Clothes. Let’s just say it was … More »

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GAB Roundup: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! What’s been on our giggleGABBERs’ minds?

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What Do Halloween and Breastfeeding Have in Common?

We find the number of expecting mothers who are tricked into thinking that they’re prepared for breastfeeding, and then are spooked by the whole experience, to be truly frightening, and completely unnecessary. Breastfeeding IS challenging, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Here are some examples of expectations and scenarios that can get moms into trouble and how to avoid them: More »

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The Hi-Rise Hustle: Celebrating Halloween with Your City Baby

I always assumed that when I had kids their Halloweens would look nearly identical to the ones I fondly recalled from my own childhood. Boy, was I wrong! More »

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On Celebrating Baby’s First Halloween

As worked up as I personally get over Halloween, I realize it’s not for everyone. So if you are not an observer of Halloween, rest assured that you get a pass during your first year as a parent. Your baby … More »

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Halloween Costumes For Newborns That Can Be Worn Again and Again

To dress-up or not to dress-up? That is the question many parents are pondering when it comes to their newborns this Halloween. Now, although there are definitely plenty of adorable outfits available for infants, many moms don’t wish to spend … More »

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Old School Halloween

Be warned – here it comes, the “old guy” bit about how it was so different when we were kids, blah, blah, blah.  Walking to school uphill in the snow (both ways) and all that.  But it was different back … More »

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