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3 Simple Secrets for a Stress-Free Family Holiday

We’ve arrived: Christmas is tomorrow! Stressed yet? Don’t be. The holidays have turned into a stressful time for so many of us, and although there are plenty of good reasons for that, there’s no need to let them be your … More »

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Planning a Trip? 5 Things You May Want to Leave Home

Traveling with a baby can take any rookie mom out of her comfort zone. At home, we get used to having our cars packed with must-have supplies; and the fact that a laundry machine is just a stone’s throw from … More »

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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with joy, big expectations, and major performance anxiety for me. Being surrounded by family in close quarters makes me feel like I’m being watched. According to the year on my birth certificate, I’m a grown … More »

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gList Interview: Chris and Jen Lumley, Founders of Clek

Today, we chat with the genius couple behind Clek — the company responsible for the state-of-the-sart Oobr Booster Seat (among other great baby gear products). We’re all especially excited about the soon-to-be launched Foonf convertible car seat, which boasts a revolutionary safety system unlike any … More »

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Going Back to Work: Balancing Work-Family-Self

This is the biggest challenge that all mothers face. Before having children, you might have enjoyed daily trips to the gym, taking long showers or picking up a novel every night before falling into a full night of restful sleep. … More »

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Traveling by Air with Toddlers

Next step, snack planning. Storage is important. Squooshed grapes and fruit will not get eaten. giggle offers a great unit that is compact and has lots of compartments. This offers space for seperated snacks and when it is empty stacks within itself to take up little space. Packing wipes is also vital, one type for face another for germ prevention.
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Travel with Kids

Here’s a dare for all of the parents planning on traveling with kids this holiday season: Leave the DVD player at home! The immense success of in-vehicle DVD players can be chalked up to four little words: Are we there … More »

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Never As Expected – Always Perfect

As we approach the Memorial Holiday weekend, we’re all starting to think about summer and vacations and all the wonderful things that go with that. Also, some of us are planning those family moments where everything will come together in one shining moment – or not. More »

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Oh Crap, the Kidcatcher!

We discovered a while back that old movies could be a great supplement to the Disney and Pixar offering of the modern era. Classics such as Mary Poppins, Herbie the Love Bug and even Pippy Longstockings (I never really realized how very strange that movie is until I watched it as an adult).

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You Didn’t Lick That Off The Grass

Every family has its little sayings and catchphrases. I suppose they are a combination of cultural and geographical influences plus the personalities that make up your family. Not as disgusting as it sounds and my all-time favorite saying. That’s how I would describe “you didn’t lick that off the grass.” More »

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