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10 Clever Father’s Day Gifts for Your Geeky Dude

Father’s Day is this Sunday. (I know, I can’t believe it either!) If you’ve left your gift-shopping ’til the last minute, you aren’t alone — after all, dads can be a pretty tough bunch to buy for. And if he … More »

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Listen Up, Dads! 10 Ways You Can Support Your Breastfeeding Partner

Father’s Day is such a great time to celebrate dads for the huge role they play in their kids’ lives. Another huge role they play that often goes unnoticed? Breastfeeding support — which can make or break a mom’s success. … More »

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Top 3 Ways to Thank Your Man for Being a Breastfeeding-Backer!

Breastfeeding is a mom’s job, but having a dad who’s on board with breastfeeding and at-the-ready to find ways to support and help you is invaluable. Even if your mate has needed, ahem, a little nudging and education, this Father’s … More »

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5 Ways To Show Dad You Appreciate Him This Father’s Day

Let’s face it – Moms definitely get most of the glory when it comes to comes to special occasions and holidays and Dads, well… they tend to get overlooked. Whether they are stay-at-home or working full-time outside the home, Dads … More »

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We’re Pregnant! 4 Unique Gifts To Announce Your Pregnancy

You’ve taken the test and it has been confirmed — you’re pregnant! You may have already told your partner or announced the news to your family, but chances are good that you’re still waiting for the “where” and “how” to … More »

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Playground Culture

When we first moved to New York, one of the first things that I noticed that was so blatantly different than the Bay Area was the playground life. On the weekdays, most (seven out of ten) children are accompanied by … More »

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7 Simple Pregnancy Tips for the Mom-to-Be

Most pregnant moms know the standard pregnancy tips. You’ve probably heard about what fish to avoid and what tests you’ll need so often that you could teach it in medical school. So let’s try to focus on what you may … More »

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10 Breastfeeding Tips for Spouses

Everyone tells you that having a baby can change the dynamic in your relationship. How can it not? You have a mess, noisy and demanding new roommate. She’ll start to cry just as you’re about to get intimate for the … More »

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It’s No Myth – Kids Have Boundless Energy

The Fitbit Experiment data is in and the winner is the Little Man in a landslide. After compiling data for three days, I had to say uncle. It is no myth, kids in fact do have boundless energy. After three days, the results (steps and Fitbit Active score) looked like this More »

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The Fitbit Experiment Day 0 (Kids In Constant Motion)

So consider this the first entry in a not so scientific experiment to measure the boundless energy of a seven year old and compare it to the not-so-boundless energy of a forty year old dad. We’ll be using Who’s Your Mommy’s Fitbit and run the risk of loss or destruction of that Fitbit in the name of science. More »

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