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First-Time Moms’ Maternity Checklist

Congrats, you’re pregnant! Get ready—during these next nine months, you’re going to go through a lot of changes: physical, emotional, and yes, financial.  But before you start shopping for cribs and strollers, you’ll need to take care of your own … More »

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Planning Ahead: Deciding Where to Deliver

Just like in real estate, delivery is all about location, location, location. Whether you feel reassured in a medical environment, at ease in a birthing center or more comfortable in your own home, where you decide to give birth to … More »

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Do I Need a Birth Plan?

Nine months of pregnancy gives you lots of time to plan. From what to name your baby to where to give birth, which color to paint the nursery and what gear to get. So why not take some time now … More »

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The C-Section Primer

Cesarean sections are a hot topic these days and for good reason: according to the National Center for Health Statistics, these procedures account for 29 percent of all deliveries and that number is on the rise.

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When It Doesn’t Go How You Planned

One of my favorite questions to new moms is, “What was your biggest surprise?” Though most of us do obsessive observation of friends and heaps of reading, the reality almost never matches the fantasy. For some of us, it’s childbirth … More »

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