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3 Mantras to Follow for Happier Grandparent Visits

Mantras for Happier Grandparent Visits

The holidays can be stressful, especially when visits are long, houses are crowded, and cold weather keeps us huddled near our loved ones for hours on end. The interaction I find most challenging is maneuvering a larger-than-we’re-used-to group through any decision making process: how to spend our time and what to eat come to mind.

Here’s how I handle our togetherness-fest:
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Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving with Baby

How to Have a Stress-Free Thanskgiving

Let’s start with the acknowledgement that Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have: food, family, and hopefully, our health. Second, if you have finagled a way to be the guest and not the host of Turkey Day, you have something extra for which to be grateful.

Next, we must confess that there are aspects of holidays that can make us feel less-than – whether it’s not knowing how to cook (or not wanting to cook), or feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of having to do so when you have a new baby at home.
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Thanksgiving Foods Babies Can Eat


I’ve had Thanksgiving babies in a broad range of ages. And trust me, they can join in on the fun, too.
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3 Tips for Making New Mom Friends & Setting Up the Perfect Play Date

Tips for making new mom friends

Arranging a play date between your baby and another baby is simply a less vulnerable way of inviting another parent to spend time with you. And as long as you’ll be feeding and wiping and changing and feeding and wiping and changing, why not have a little adult company while you’re at it? Maybe someone who wants to talk through the latest episode of Parenthood or discuss the logistics of taking a car seat on an airplane. Not all my friends are interested in that, you know.
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5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Baby on a Rainy Day


It just so happens that my baby and I didn’t have a lot of common interests for the first several months, unless you count snuggling.

Yes, staring at each other passes the time and reading books happens every day, but those aren’t very novel. Searching for a few indoor activities that are just as fun for me and a wee one, I wanted to dig a little deeper and think of the activities that brought big smiles, if not fits of giggles, to both our faces.
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Prepping Your Little One for a Trip to the Pediatrician


Heading to the pediatrician? Whether it’s baby’s first check-up, or your toddler’s first “big kid” visit, allow me to impart some of my wisdom…


Personally, I’ve always felt that bringing a newborn to the pediatrician for the first time is both comforting and anxiety-provoking. And here’s why: it feels like I’m returning, for a few brief moments, to the experts who know way more than I do about everything when it comes to this baby stuff. I better not mess it up, I always think to myself. But now that I’ve been down this path three times before, I can assure you that the doctor is only a phone call away.

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5 Photos Every Mom Should Take During Baby’s First Year


Baby’s first smile. Baby’s first crawl. Baby’s first birthday – complete with smash cakes. There are so many “first” moments we want to capture with our cameras, and since we all now carry them in our purses – or diaper bags – it’s never been easier.

Though you may be with your baby ’round the clock, the odds are that you (yes you, Mom) are always behind the camera, pointing it at your little sidekick; and never in front of it. But years from now, when you flip through that baby book, where will you be?

My one piece of advice: Do yourself a favor now, and turn the camera on yourself every now and again – so you can look back on early motherhood and know that you were actually there, too.

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Going Somwhere? Vacation Rental Tips for Family Getaways

Vacation Rental Tips

Parents often joke that when you travel with children, it’s not a “vacation”, but rather a “trip”. Point taken. Vacation implies a break from our everyday responsibilities and with a baby or two in tow, there’s really no break from feeding, cleaning, and organizing gear. Blargh.

I loathe going to the grocery store when we are on vacation, but despite the domestic responsibilities that come along with a vacation house rental, the benefits of a house or condo over a hotel often win out. Here’s why so many grown-ups favor rental homes once kids are on the scene:
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Beat the Heat! Keep Cool with These Summer Baby Essentials

Keeping Cool in the Summer with Your Baby

Carrying a baby around in the summer can be a sweaty proposition. (Just thinking about it makes me a little warm behind the knees.) From lightweight, breezy carriers to fun and sun-safe swimwear, here are a few must-haves to keep your baby comfy and cool all summer long.

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Fun First Foods for Babies: Summer Edition

First Food Recipes for Babies

Whether you want to feed your baby smooth purees or give your toddler a big hunk of fruit to gnaw on, summer is a good time to explore new foods together.

Peel off that outfit and let’s get started. (Need a bib? Here you go.)

Below are 7 delicious “meals” to try out on your little one.
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