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Heading Back to Work after Maternity Leave? You Can DO It!


If the prospect of returning to work after a few months of baby bonding has you freaking out a bit, I’m here to tell you: You’re doing it right. If you weren’t losing your mind a little, I’d be worried about you. It’s a big deal!

Okay, so now that we’ve got the empathy out of the way, let’s talk about tips and coping strategies. More »

3 DIY Costumes You Can Make from a giggle Better Basics Layette


This week, I accepted a challenge from giggle to come up with three DIY (and comfy) Halloween costumes for babies. The catch? They all had to be fashioned out of giggle Better Basics Baby Clothes. Let’s just say it was one pretty fun challenge…

No need to buy plastic or polyester outfits this Halloween—the giggle Better Basics line offers so many organic solid-colored garments to use as your starting point.

Here are three of my ideas to help get your creative juices flowing: More »

3 Simple Secrets to Babyproofing

Babyproofing Secrets

Bringing a baby into your home soon? Better read up on some Babyproofing 101 first. There are outlet covers to buy, sharp coffee table corners to pad, cords to untangle… If your head’s spinning right about now, let me calm you with this: it doesn’t all need to happen right away. For now, there are three things to keep in mind that’ll make it all a little less overwhelming…

More »

Best Apps for New Moms & Moms-to-Be

baby connect app

I am not exaggerating when I say that the smartphone is the best thing to happen to moms since the baby carrier. (Okay, so maybe I am—but just a little.) Having an iPhone handy when my baby was born meant I was never out of touch; I could take mega-zoom close up pictures, watch movies, play games, and text my husband to bring me a glass of water from the other room. More »

My Favorite Pregnancy Memory…

Joyful with positive pregnancy


My first pregnancy lasted two weeks longer than expected. We couldn’t have guessed that would happen, but looking back, it seems as logical as ever that I spent my due date waddling around a beer garden-meets-biker bar in San Francisco, a bridge full of traffic away from my hospital.

I mean, I was going nowhere in a hurry.  I knew even if labor started, it would likely take a full day and I’d have plenty of time to get home. I’m not sure that’s my favorite pregnancy memory, but I did enjoy responding, when bar patrons gasped at my belly and asked, “When are you due?” with a smug, “Today.”

When I was trying to conceive my second child, I felt despair: with each passing month, my children were slipping further and further from the age gap I was fantasizing about. When I finally achieved that pregnancy and pulled the pee stick from the garbage can for one more moment of hopeful scrutiny, discovering that faint pink line may have been my favorite moment. More »

3 Parenting Must-Reads That Will Save Your Marriage

Dad has it

If you ask me, parenting is the ultimate team sport. Luckily my husband is completely cross-trained and can do anything that I can do at this point. Heck, now that breastfeeding days are behind us, my only distinction is probably that I’m a squishier (and thus better!) hugger.

Between us, we’ve got eight years of experience under our belts (or sixteen if you add them all together, and you should!), so we’ve had lots of time to practice. We’ve gotten pretty good at handing off, zone defense, and any other apropos sports metaphors you want to throw in.

But my mantra wasn’t always simply practice, practice, practice! Here are three must-reads that helped us hone our parenting skills and philosophies. I highly recommend them to anyone out there with kiddos… More »

5 Healthy Snacks for Toddlers (That They’ll Actually Eat)

5 Healthy Snacks for Toddlers (That They'll Actually Eat)

Toddlers can be pretty picky when it comes to mealtime — and I’m not just talking about their taste buds. They may not like the chair you’ve strapped them into. They may not like the way you keep leaving the room to get more face-wiping materials. They may view the time of day you’re calling “mealtime” as “bowl-throwing time”. Who gave you the right to call it mealtime anyway? (Pro tip: Skip the bowls. Put food directly on a high chair tray instead.) More »

3 Ways to Prep Like a Pro for Your Family Vacation

Prepping for Family Vacation

The good news is, summer travel with kids is easier than winter travel for one important reason: less to pack! Hooray, for swapping out snowsuits and fuzzy buntings for swim diapers and sunscreen.

The primary rule for traveling with babies and small children is to bring as little as you possibly can while still having everything you could need. And have realistic expectations. Simple, right? Ha! Let me give you the breakdown: More »

Father’s Day Gift Picks Under $50

Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

I find that my husband is a lot harder to shop for than I am, making the hunt for a Father’s Day gift pretty challenging every year. Sure, I see ads and gift guides chock-full of ideas… but most of them never seem to be right for my husband. And in our house, we haven’t gone so far as to make Father’s Day an iPad-worthy holiday, so my consideration set is usually in the $50 and under range. More »

My Very Strong Opinions about Mother’s Day Gifts

My Very Strong Feelings About Mother's Day | Parent Talk

A friend on Facebook boasted today that she had saved not one, but two marriages this week by pointing out that Sunday is Mother’s Day, and “what we like is brunch and jewelry.”

I beg to differ.

First, dining out with small children is not everyone’s idea of a good time, especially not during one of the most crowded brunch timeslots of the year. I would rather have coffee brought to me in bed, and eat pancakes and fruit prepared by my husband in the lazy state of my own house. That way, I’m not obligated to shower and primp on my “day off”.

Second: Wait? Is this a good platform for me to go on my feminist diatribe about the tradition of men buying women jewelry?  It is? Okay, then. More »