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Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses with Water Play

Baby Water Play

Creative water play helps your baby develop new skills and explore the world. It’s a chance to hear the splashing, feel the wetness and see the waves of the water. Using water to play stimulates your baby’s cognitive and sensory skills. Each stage respond to differently to play. Here’s suggestions to help your baby acclimate to water fun! More »

Here’s How to Put More Miles on Your Stroller — And Get More Bang For Your Buck


When it comes to getting a decent ROI out of your pricey, high-end stroller, I’m guessing urban mamas probably tend to get theirs more quickly. Some of that I’m basing on personal experience: When my son was an infant, I had a daily ritual of walking from my apartment door to a city cafe and produce market nearly every day, and would often store all of my purchases in the stroller’s undercarriage.

But if you’re finding that your stroller is spending more time in your trunk or garage than out on the pavement, consider these ideas for putting your wheels to work:
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5 Classic Baby Toys You May Just Want To Keep Forever


Take it from me — the main room of a home with young children seldom looks like the stylish, minimalist, clutter-free spaces you see in the magazines. And the reason why is simple: we have kids’ toys pretty much everywhere. We even have toys dangling from other toysMore »

Build Your Brain While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding tricks to pass the time

There are some definite perks to breastfeeding that go way beyond the obvious nutritional and bonding benefits. But, let’s admit it, there are also some not-so-great parts about the whole thing. For starters, it can get a bit boring and sometimes, even isolating. I used to feel absolutely ‘banished’ when I would go into a quiet room with my beloved newborn for 45-effing-minutes per side during a party or event. I was so sad to miss out.

But this post is not about enjoying your lovebug for every second (which you still should do!). It’s more about the cool things you can do on your smartphone or tablet to pass the time and build your brain a little in the process. More »

How to Handle All That Unsolicted Parenting Advice You’re Getting


If you’ve ever let an insensitive comment about your pregnancy or your parenting style instantly throw you into a bad mood, you’re definitely not alone. During both of my pregnancies, I’d say that was probably a daily event. Yep; it seems that just about anyone who’s either visibly pregnant or toting a baby around is fair game for loads of unsolicited advice – from friends, relatives, and even total strangers. But no matter who’s doling it out or why, it’s always tough to acknowledge someone’s good intentions while mentally rejecting his or her suggestion in the back of your mind.

So how do you deal? For me, I always try to remember that however frustrating, most of this advice is well-intentioned. Caring people generally want to “regift” their own parenting stories into a nugget of advice as a solution to your current situation (fussy infant, pregnancy heartburn, dream feed… you name it.).

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5 Heart-Tugging Moments Your Pre-Mom Self Never Imagined


I’ve had a very busy month, speaking at a fundraiser, hosting a huge event for my children’s school, and attending a conference for parenting writers. I knew it would feel like this (crazy!), and in the many recent moments that I had to deny my daughter’s request for attention, I reminded myself that she is learning from me.

She sees I am needed in other arenas, that people are counting on me to make decisions, that she can either solve her own problems or practice patience. And she did.

When I looked up from the donor checks I was organizing yesterday, and saw Scarlett, 7, reading the instruction booklet that came with her craft kit, I felt proud. Having my baby, now in second grade, ask for help, then decide that she can find her own answers, is like seeing her begin to walk for the first time. She’s reached a new developmental stage, and it’s given me some perspective.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m making note of five moments that new moms can look forward to – beyond first steps. More »

​10 DIY Kids’ “Toys” You Can Make In a Pinch


As easily seduced as I am by a thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing toy from a well-merchandised boutique, I am also thrilled when I find my kids playing with something totally random they’ve discovered in the house.

If you find yourself out and about with some cranky kids, or trapped inside on a rainy day when none of their “old” toys will entertain them, allow me to come to the rescue. Here are some easy, last-minute ways to keep little ones occupied in a pinch.
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Parenting Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Parenting Blogs You Should Be Reading

I love parenting blogs, and the honest moms and dads who write them, for pulling me out of my own day-to-day experience and sharing their lives with me. In mere moments, I can go from worrying about breastfeeding to laughing about someone else’s exploding diaper fiasco; from cursing the latest nighttime stall tactics of my own kids to nodding in agreement or sniffing back tears at another parent’s experience.

Whatever did our mothers do before the miracles of the Internet?

You may find comfort in writers who are at your same stage of parenting, but whatever you do, I highly encourage you to at least invite these bloggers to your virtual dinner party. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. More »

New Mom? 6 Easy Ways to Sneak in Workouts


I don’t want to sound preachy, but exercise really can put you in a better mood for the rest of the day. Working out is energizing, not depleting, so if your excuse is that you barely got any sleep last night, set that one aside.

As your “been there, wiped that” friend, I will warn you that it’s easy to let the months – or let’s be honest, years – fly by without nailing down an exercise routine that works with your new role as Mom.

Here are 6 ways to make it work…
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Cozy Winter Soups to Share With Your Tot


I have a wicked strong blender at home, which means I can pretty much turn almost anything into a yummy puree. This little trick is especially useful when I want to sneak some greens into a fruit smoothie or at this time of year, one of my favorite soups. (Shhh, don’t tell my little one there might be “salad” in his food.)

These warm, hearty soups are three of my favorites. They’re perfect for cold, chilly days, and for sharing with a curious toddler or spoon-feeding to a baby.

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