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Nursing Bra Basics

Measuring bra cup size

A bra that fits properly is extremely important to a nursing mother because it helps in maintaining good breast health and in preventing plugged ducts. When looking for a nursing bra, fit, comfort, support and accessibility are the most important factors. A proper fitting bra will allow your breasts to sit upright and centered on your chest, and the straps will remain in place while you are moving.

Read on for more tips about maximizing the fit, comfort, and support of your nursing bra for the health of your breasts.

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My 4 Biggest Breastfeeding Regrets


At my six-week post-birth check-up, the midwife listened kindly as I poured my heart out over my anxieties. I had no idea what I was doing, and everything seemed like a struggle. “Parenthood is all about fear and regret,” she said–boy, did that resonate with me at the time.  Since then, I’ve also learned that it is about so much more: joy, wonder, learning and growing, and laughing more than I ever thought possible. The positives figure much larger in my life!  Still, if a few of my (too many!) regrets can help another mother, I’m all for sharing them.  Here goes…

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What Do Halloween and Breastfeeding Have in Common?

It's All About the Hat Breastfeeding Halloween Pumpkin

‘Tis the season for pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating! So what’s breastfeeding got to do with Halloween? A lot! The way moms experience breastfeeding can either be a trick or a treat depending on where you live and how you are treated! When moms and babies have been treated right by their health care providers, hospital, family, employer and community, breastfeeding can be wonderfully empowering and as sweet as the sweetest treat, which of course, it is. Breastmilk is actually the most naturally sweet food on the planet –no wonder your little pumpkin loves it!

On the other hand, when moms are blind-sided by the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®, the beginning of parenthood can feel more like a trick than a treat. Among those Booby Traps are health care workers who masquerade as lactation experts, hospitals that say they support breastfeeding but don’t follow proper breastfeeding protocol, misinformation and negativity in the media, and well-meaning but uninformed friends and members of the public. Kind of like showing up at the door and expecting a friendly hello and some candy, and instead getting that rotten apple and a rude stare!

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Maternity Bras vs. Nursing Bras: What’s the Difference?

Maternity and Nursing Bras

by Leading Lady

Before most women even know they’re pregnant, their breasts begin to change, sometimes without them even noticing. But before long, those pre-pregnancy bras are going to start feeling uncomfortable or tight. For some, it may happen early in their pregnancy, for others it may happen towards the end of those forty weeks. Either way, it’s important to wear a comfortable bra that offers support and room for growth.

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Finding Your Breastfeeding Community, Online and Off

Mothers nursing babies

Let’s face it, mothering wasn’t meant to be a one-woman show! For eons, women shared the responsibility of child-raising, home-making, food-growing, and foraging among their community members – sure they had more bellies to feed and manners to mind, but they also had more hands, hips and laps to do it! They also had lots of up-close opportunities to learn the tricks of the mom-trade from each other and to role-model behaviors– especially breastfeeding.  It’s why a major key to setting yourself up for breastfeeding success is finding a tribe of breastfeeding moms – they’ll help you get inspired, answer questions, share best resources, and cheer you on!

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Fall Into Good Breastfeeding Habits

Maya - Miles - Pumpkins

With increased fall activity and less lazy summer down-time, breastfeeding can sometimes be an unintended casualty.  For many moms with older kids, the pace picks up with school drop-offs, volunteering in the classroom, and running errands.  New moms may be returning to work part- or full-time, or may be finishing up a degree at school themselves.   Here’s a quick guide to keeping your milk mojo going and some handy resources to make transitions easier.

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Funniest Breastfeeding Stories

Parenting has been a gold mine for comedians from Bill Cosby to Louis CK . . . and most comedians have not even begun to tap into the motherlode of humor around breastfeeding! We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite funny breastfeeding stories (you can see all of them here and here). Looking forward to the day these end up on the Comedy Channel!

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Keeping Cool with Breastfeeding Talk


August has recently been designated National Breastfeeding Month, thanks to efforts by the United States Breastfeeding Committee to increase the awareness and celebrations from the just the first week in August to the whole month. Because breastfeeding tends to be push some major buttons, even among friends, it’s a good idea to watch the words you use when discussing it. So, while you’re cooling your jets in the pool, at the beach, or at family get-togethers, here are a few tips for expecting moms, nursing moms and bottle-feeding moms to keep the dialogue from becoming too heated.

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Turn a Baby Shower into a Breastfeeding Shower!

Baby Shower with cupcakes and gifts

If you’re expecting, or are throwing a baby shower for someone who is, consider making the celebration a great chance to get pumped up and prepped for the big day and breastfeeding! The fact is that the hardest time to learn about breastfeeding is after the baby is born and the more tools, information, and support a new mom has, the easier breastfeeding can be.

Sure, you really only need a baby and a boob to do it, but you’re more likely to have a positive experience from the start (and avoid the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®) if you’re loaded up with confidence and assurances from friends and family members, expert advice and information, and a few tricks-of-the-trade– including some great breastfeeding products.  A Breastfeeding Shower is a great way to send the new mom into motherhood with her best breastfeeding game on and have some real fun!

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It’s Summer! Replenish Your Body, Mind, and Milk Ducts

Organic produce!

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the longer days to start some healthy new habits, boost your mama mojo and be your best for your baby, whether he/she is inside or outside of your belly!

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