Get fun fashion advice from blogger Nadia Carriere for the 40 weeks before and after your baby is born.

This New 2-in-1 Baby Bed from Oeuf is an Absolute Dream…

Oeuf Fawn Crib & Bassinet System

It’s not every day we fall in love with with a new baby product. (In fact, we’re pretty picky when it comes to what we sell – just check out our criteria.) But when we first laid eyes on the brand-new Fawn Crib & Bassinet System from Oeuf, we new it was something special.
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One-of-a-Kind Wallpaper Prints for the Nursery


If you’ve been putting off painting the nursery for a while now, you’re definitely not alone. But here’s some good news for you: we may be able to get you of the hook entirely. The wallpaper trend – which has been making a sweet comeback in recent years – is finally starting to hit the nursery scene again in a big way… and so far, we’re really liking what we see.

Our latest loves are from the SISSY+MARLEY for Jill Malek collection, which features hand-screened prints of dancing zebras, bold stripes, pretty rain drops, and more. In fact, we love them so much, we’ve added nine new wallpaper prints to our decor assortment, in lots of pretty, versatile colors that will take your little one’s room way beyond the nursery years.

Feast your eyes on some of our favorites…
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Easy Ways to Keep Your Nursery Organized

Organizing the Nursery

My motto these days? Out with the old and in with the new! And I know I’m not alone. These first few months of the year always seem to get everyone in the mood to organize. But while most people tend to focus their energy on the kitchen, the office, and the bedroom… what about the nursery? Yes, babies may be too small to really make a real mess; but it does help to set things up so that mountain of baby stuff you have somehow actually stays in order. More »

Valentine’s Day = Love For All: 5 Sweet Gift Ideas For Babies

Valentine's Day Gifts

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. Yes, the kids give out Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates, but it’s also a fun holiday to celebrate with the entire family! In that spirit, I’ve rounded up five of my personal favorite gift picks for babies and tots that are perfect for V-Day, as well as the whole year ’round. Even with the pink and red details, most of these are gender-neutral. (We used the BabyBjorn high chair in black and red for my son and used it daily until he outgrew it completely.)

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Trend Notes: The Beauty of the (Gender) Neutral Nursery


I’ve always been partial to the gender-neutral nursery. It’s pleasing to the eye, the colors are calming, and if you’re just starting your family, you don’t have to worry about redoing your nursery for each child. (Yay!)

Creamy whites, warm taupes, sunny yellows, and muted greys are some of my favorite gender-neutral shades—and they all just happen to go beautifully with giggle’s new Gustaf collection (which has become a new favorite of mine). Made with gorgeous solid European birch, each piece of the collection—from the crib to the dresser—sports that clean Scandinavian design I just love. Minimalistic, yet timeless.

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3 Simple Secrets for a Stress-Free Family Holiday

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.07.04 AM

We’ve arrived: Christmas is tomorrow! Stressed yet? Don’t be. The holidays have turned into a stressful time for so many of us, and although there are plenty of good reasons for that, there’s no need to let them be your downfall. Slow down for a minute and smell the hot chocolate. Take a breather, look your children in the eyes, and take a mental snapshot of those sparkling eyes and the total excitement that fills them from head to toe.

After all, did you know that December is National Stress Free Family Holidays Month? (No, I’m not kidding, there actually is such a thing!) Considering the stress our day-to-day lives already bring us, we definitely shouldn’t be stressing out now of all times.

So here they are—a few of my own personal secrets for attempting a stress-free family holiday. (Share your own below!) More »

5 Drool-Worthy Holiday Gift Picks For Babies

Drool-Worthy Holiday Gifts

Still scrambling to get your holiday gifts in order? You’re not alone; I know quite a few people who haven’t even begun the process yet. But have no fear—there’s still time!

When it comes to gift-giving I’m quite particular about the brand and quality of items that I’m gifting. If I can’t find that particular item, it’s rare that I’ll substitute it for something less than. Instead, I’ll switch up gift idea entirely. My reasoning? I’ve learned (after much trial and error) that buying things that are a little more pricey can save you money in the long run. After all, most of the high-quality items that I’ve purchased for my children are still going strong after being passed down 2-3 times.

Here are my five favorite drool-worthy baby gifts—that are totally hand-me-down worthy. (Remember—order by December 23 at 1 PM EST to get your gifts in time for Christmas!) More »

5 Creative Holiday Traditions Worth Starting


The holidays are officially here! With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah just a few days away, and Christmas just around the corner, now’s the time to implement some new tried-and-true traditions. In my own family, we’ve had fun with all five of these holiday ideas and they’ve quickly become yearly traditions for us. More »

Winter Warm-Up: Stylish Outerwear for Kids & Babies

Chic Winter Clothes for Kids and Babies

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Here in Canada, we’ve been bundling our little ones in winter wear for the last couple of weeks now (thanks to the dropping temperatures and ice cold winds). But the cold season really sneaked up on me, considering how completely unprepared I was when it hit. Of course it wasn’t until the very last minute that I noticed my daughter needed all new winter gear, just one size larger. (Thank you, Universe, for rush delivery!)

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10 Ridiculously Adorable (and Homemade) Kid Costumes

Homemade Etsy Costumes

Generic Halloween costumes come out year after year, and although there are definitely plenty of cute ones out there, if you ask me, handmade costumes will always trump store-bought. Not only are they usually better quality, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to character choice or theme. Sadly, many of us don’t have the time to make all of our kid’s Halloween costumes by hand (how did our parents used to do that?!), but thankfully we have Etsy. More »