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Your Top Baby Sleep Questions, Answered

Newborn baby sleeping on his back

Can’t get your little one to sleep through the night? Not sure what this “sleep training” thing is all about? This week, pediatric sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Kempton (also known as the Baby Sleep Pro) answers your most commonly asked questions about baby’s sleep problems. Here’s what moms and dads want to know most:

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Back-to-School Sleep Tips for the Whole Family


Some of us jump for joy this time of year… especially  parents with school-aged children who’ve spent the summer  moping around the house complaining of boredom. Despite their jam-packed, fun-filled days and late nights chasing fireflies or roasting marshmallows, these last few days before the school doors open are challenging to kids and parents.

But as we check off our supply lists and search out the perfect backpack, we often forget to adjust summer schedules of lazy, pancake mornings or movies before bedtime. It’s important to start adjusting sleep schedules early enough so your child isn’t jolted by the early wake up call the first day back. Don’t forget, adequate sleep (10-12 hours for preschoolers and primary school children) is essential for immune function, effective learning, memory, problem solving, creativity, adaptability, not to mention mood and behavior regulation. Also, if you have both a school-aged child and a baby in the house, you may also have to adjust baby’s schedule to accommodate drop offs and pick ups and after school activities.

Here are three easy tips to ease the family back into healthy school snooze routines:
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6 Must-Haves for the Perfect Beach Day (with Littles!)


Hitting the beach? Get ready, newbie parents—beach days are a whole different ball-game now that you’ve got a baby in tow. But don’t sweat it; we can help with that. Read on for six things to consider before you take to the sand.

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Resetting the Clock: Time Zone Tips for Traveling with Tots

Time Zone Tips for Traveling with Baby

Traveling with kids can be pretty tiring for the whole family, and crossing time zones can wreak even more havoc on sleep routines. As I mentioned in my last post, 5 Sleep Tips for Traveling with Tots, if you’re only crossing one or two time zones for one or two days, consider remaining on your home time zone when it comes to your sleep routine (to make the transitions easier for everyone). When crossing multiple time zones for a longer period, here are my top tips to help your family get on track fast—with as few meltdowns as possible!

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5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Car Seats

Car Seat Buying Facts

If you haven’t noticed, car seats have changed a lot since we were little. From built-in side-impact protection to 10-seconds-or-less installation, the technology has come a long way—to say the least.

If you’re about to have a baby, you can take comfort in knowing that every car seat on the market now has to go through some pretty rigorous safety testing. But there are still a few things you should read up on before you pick the “perfect” one.

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10 Reasons to Make Sleep a Priority in 2014


So you have given up caramel mochaccinos, bought a gym membership, and even jumped on the “be kind” bandwagon. But have you thought about adding  improving your family’s sleep patterns to your new year’s resolutions for 2014?

Maybe you think sleep should just come naturally and is not something you can change. That’s a myth. Based on science, and on my own experience working with hundreds of sleep deprived infants, toddlers and parents around the country, the fact is the ability to  fall and stay asleep are learned behaviors that take a lot of practice and patience. More »

Fool-Proof Stocking Stuffers for Kids & Babies

Fool-Proof Stocking Stuffers for Kids & Babies

Your Christmas shopping isn’t really complete until you’ve got some seriously awesome stockings stuffed, are we right?

But if you’re still scratching your head over just what to stuff in those stockings (besides a ton of candy), no worries; we’ve rounded up some of our favorite stocking-friendly toys, gifts, and play things for kids and babies. More »

5 Sleep Tips for Traveling with Tots

Travel sleep tips for babies and kids

When a friend told me she packs a suitcase full of her daughter’s favorite stuffed animals when they travel, I wasn’t surprised. My family resembles a traveling caravan at airports as we transport all our gear. But with young children, you have to be prepared.  (For example, last spring, our 3-hour nonstop flight from Mexico turned into an 18-hour epic journey home to Chicago because of unexpected weather disasters.)

So with the holiday travel season finally upon us, here are my top five sleep tips for babies and toddlers while you’re on the road. More »

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Meet the Winner of our Next giggle Nursery Contest!

Meet the Winner of Our Next giggle Nursery Contest!

…we’ve got a winner! Say hello to Shannon Russ — a mommy of one (plus one on the way!), and the winner of our Next giggle Nursery Pinterest Contest! Her winning board — with its colorful You Are My Sunshine theme — nabbed top honors and earned her the pretty sweet prize of a $1,000 giggle gift card! (Check her board out here.) More »