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A former Silicon Valley securities law attorney who became a stay-at-home dad when his son was one, Will is now back in the workforce part-time while his son enjoys the highs and lows of New York public schools and his wife works her tail off. As the primary caregiver and a working parent, here is his view from both sides of the fence.

Coach For You, Baby

Malaysia Airlines has decided to give babies a permanent time out from First Class flying.  Child Mode reported the sad news that “After receiving numerous complaints about crying infants from first class passengers, the airline has put a ‘baby ban’ … More »

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Father’s Day to Remember

Let me start by saying first and most importantly, I had a great Father’s Day this year.  It had all the ingredients for a great day: a little league baseball including the Little Man as the star of the day … More »

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Don’t Cook Bacon Naked

One of our many jobs as parents is to pass on the years of wisdom we’ve accumulated in our travels. Often times we do this through sayings or phrases we’ve picked up along the way, some more known than others. There is of course the classics like “two wrongs don’t make a right” or less familiar family sayings like “he didn’t lick it off the grass.” Sometimes we’ll pull from the movies and do our best Star Wars’ Yoda, “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try” leaving our kids walking away more confused than when they started.
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Dad vs. Wild

One of my favorite memories as a kid, was our family summertime camping trips. We were a car-camping family and so the trips included riding a few hours (or more) in a stuffed full station wagon (the family truckster as we called it) to a reserved camping spot in some state or national forest. More »

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Happy Birthday Dad

This is not the self-serving post it first appears to be. Anyone who is past the age of which we dare not speak (at least most of us), understands that old age is accelerating faster than the number of pages in our medical files. I’ve learned that the thing that makes this tolerable, especially on our birthday aka a 24 hour reminder that you’re old, is the family celebration.

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Snow Day

So I took a bit of video of the Little Man and the downtown crew enjoying the day. An epic snow covered hill climb and then the “quick way” down. Enjoy!

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Real Life Through Your Phone

If you’re like me, you’ve got a phone that has a camera, be it iPhone, Blackberry, Android or whatever. This is the device you have with you at all times and probably what you’re using to capture all the real and spontaneous moments of your life.

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Who’s That Man, Still?

In my very first Who’s Your Daddy blog post, Who’s That Man?, I discussed how several years ago I sometimes felt like a suspect being watched by all the moms and nannies at the playground. A man at a playground on a weekday morning must be up to no good, right? More »

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Santa Is Still Coming!

The Little Man is now eight years old. I’ll now do my obligatory parental moaning about how old that makes me feel. Yes, I am old. With that done, on to the more important fact that the Little Man still believes in Santa (and those wonderful elves that peek in the window at just the right moment). More »

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Be Awesome

This past weekend, we had the lazy Sunday morning we all love. A bit of a sleep in followed by some nice lounging time allowing for a slow and easy removal of those work week cobwebs that clutter minds. The Little Man was bouncing around between Legos, Discovery Channel and intermittent snuggle time with his slow-waking parents. These mornings can lead to some deeply philosophical (on a seven year old level) conversations… More »

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