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After becoming a mom, Whitney Moss joined forces with her BFF Heather Flett and they began writing down hundreds ideas for fun things to do – with babies in tow. The result was their book, "The Rookie Mom's Handbook: 250 Activities To Do With (and Without!) Your Baby" and website,, which has been on's list of Top 50 Mom Blogs twice.

5 Heart-Tugging Moments Your Pre-Mom Self Never Imagined

I’ve had a very busy month, speaking at a fundraiser, hosting a huge event for my children’s school, and attending a conference for parenting writers. I knew it would feel like this (crazy!), and in the many recent moments that … More »

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​10 DIY Kids’ “Toys” You Can Make In a Pinch

As easily seduced as I am by a thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing toy from a well-merchandised boutique, I am also thrilled when I find my kids playing with something totally random they’ve discovered in the house. If you find yourself out and … More »

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New Mom? 6 Easy Ways to Sneak in Workouts

I don’t want to sound preachy, but exercise really can put you in a better mood for the rest of the day. Working out is energizing, not depleting, so if your excuse is that you barely got any sleep last night, … More »

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4 Ways to Bundle Up Your Bundle of Joy

At the playground today, I teased my friend Karen that I was looking to her infant daughter Holly’s stroller to inspire me for this story about cold-weather baby gear. But she disappointed me, since the cozy layer spread over Baby … More »

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3 Mantras to Follow for Happier Grandparent Visits

The holidays can be stressful, especially when visits are long, houses are crowded, and cold weather keeps us huddled near our loved ones for hours on end. The interaction I find most challenging is maneuvering a larger-than-we’re-used-to group through any … More »

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Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving with Baby

Let’s start with the acknowledgement that Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have: food, family, and hopefully, our health. Second, if you have finagled a way to be the guest and not the host of Turkey Day, you … More »

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3 Tips for Making New Mom Friends & Setting Up the Perfect Play Date

Arranging a play date between your baby and another baby is simply a less vulnerable way of inviting another parent to spend time with you. And as long as you’ll be feeding and wiping and changing and feeding and wiping … More »

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5 Photos Every Mom Should Take During Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first smile. Baby’s first crawl. Baby’s first birthday – complete with smash cakes. There are so many “first” moments we want to capture with our cameras, and since we all now carry them in our purses – or diaper bags … More »

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Going Somwhere? Vacation Rental Tips for Family Getaways

Parents often joke that when you travel with children, it’s not a “vacation”, but rather a “trip”. Point taken. Vacation implies a break from our everyday responsibilities and with a baby or two in tow, there’s really no break from … More »

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Fun First Foods for Babies: Summer Edition

Whether you want to feed your baby smooth purees or give your toddler a big hunk of fruit to gnaw on, summer is a good time to explore new foods together. Peel off that outfit and let’s get started. (Need … More »

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