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Green Your Halloween: How to Have a Safe and Eco-Friendly Holiday

Halloween! Have your kids been counting the days since last year? You’re not alone. It’s arguably a favorite family holiday, but our celebrations can be haunted in unexpected ways if parents aren’t careful. Not only are Halloween costumes, fake blood, … More »

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Take a Pregnant Pause When It Comes to Plastics

Plastic is obviously the most convenient material in the modern kitchen. But some types contain toxic compounds that can easily migrate into food, especially when heat and/or fat are involved. Which makes it more than wise to take special precautions … More »

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Nesting? 7 Steps to a Safer Nursery

If you’ve reached the moment in your pregnancy when you’re thinking about setting up baby’s room, here’s how to make it as pure as can be. For more ideas, check out our free e-book. And always keep in mind that … More »

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12 Tips for Choosing Safe & Eco-Friendly Toys

You’re probably careful about avoiding choking hazards and other common safety issues with toys, but did you know there are a wide variety of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals that could be in them? From lead and cadmium in paint, … More »

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How to Give Your Diaper Bag a Makeover

When you’re the parent to a baby, your diaper bag is your lifeline. Without it, chaos ensues. Want healthier, eco-friendly baby products and a safer diaper bag? Try this diaper bag eco-makeover to save your sanity, help your baby stay … More »

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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

During those first few weeks of pregnancy, a baby’s body undergoes some pretty rapid growth, and each development relies on precise, successful development in the previous stage. Because so much is happening so quickly, these first weeks are a particularly … More »

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Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products: What to Keep, What to Toss

Whether you’re spraying on your favorite perfume or rubbing in some moisturizing lotion, it’s easy to forget that what you put on your skin can be absorbed right into your body; which is why choosing safe personal care products is … More »

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5 Tips for Eating Safer Seafood

Raise your hand if you have a hard time figuring out which fish and seafood are safe to eat.

I really want to give my family all the good things about fish (omega-3’s, protein!) without any of the bad (mercury, PCBs, antibiotics – yuck). To eat fish that’s good for you and isn’t fished in a manner that’s destroying the oceans, you have to be an informed and conscious consumer. More »

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Healthy Home: Best of 2012

Use these most popular posts from Healthy Child Healthy World from the past year to help you build a healthy environment for your new baby. Top 10 Toxic Products You Don’t Need Isn’t it time to purge what isn’t necessary? … More »

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5 Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaners You Should Know About

With the recent return of my husband’s cancer I have become even more picky (aka neurotic) about the chemicals that we use in our home. I have slowly been phasing them out despite my husband’s resistance. He seems to think that me using natural everyday items to clean translates into him needing to clean everything over again with a smelly chemical-laden product. I’ve been letting him get away with certain cleaners just because it was easier to keep the peace but all that’s changing. No more Mr (Mrs?) Nice Guy.

One of the places I’ve been wondering about keeping bacteria-free is the kitchen. I’m always worried about making sure that the cutting boards are properly cleaned and the counters sanitized after preparing meat or using raw eggs. The thought of using a toxic chemical cleaner anywhere near where I prepare food has always been totally out of the question. I’ve always just used scalding hot water and hoped it was enough to kill any bacteria left lying around. It always did a good job of burning the skin off my fingers.

I was relieved (and so were my hands) to come across such easy ways to keep a kitchen free from bacteria using natural products. These are all things that are very easy to find at your local grocery store or pharmacy and that many of you probably already have some of them around the house. More »

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