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Janeen founded swellbeing, a parenting consultancy based in NYC - shortly after the birth of her first daughter in 2006. As a child development expert with a master's degree in clinical psychology, she helps parents nurture healthy and happy children.

Sleep Tips For Traveling

As I prepare to head out west to Portland with my family tomorrow, I am reminded about the impact to their normal sleep routines this could have. Given there is both a time change and change in sleeping arrangements (my … More »

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Further Support for Back Sleepers

A study published on February 28th, 2011 in the online version of Pediatrics Journal adds weight to the recommendation that babies be laid to sleep on their backs.  The study looked at tissue oxygenation in babies who sleep on their … More »

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sleep tips for springing ahead

I’m already enjoying the longer stretches of daylight at the end of the day with my daughters. We are eager for this weekend when, despite losing an hour of sleep, we gain an hour of daylight. And after the loooong … More »

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transitioning from a crib to a bed

Here is a pretty common scenario: your wee one arrives at the foot of your bed one night or yells out to you from the bedroom door to your total amazement and horror.  How did he get out of his … More »

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ruling out medical sleep problems

The good news regarding most children’s sleep problems is that they are behavioral and therefore can be resolved with thoughtful and consistent interventions.  However, approximately 10% of children have a true sleep disorder or have their sleep disturbed by asthma, … More »

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holiday travel with tots

Is anyone else in my boat — blindsided by the holidays and wondering where October and November went?!  Since we just had Thanksgiving and Hanukkah is here, it’s time to talk about travel, holidays and breaks in routines and sleep … More »

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tips for daylight savings

For better or worse, it’s time to change our clocks back to eek out a little more sunlight before winter is upon us. At 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, November 7th, we will officially fall back one hour (which means … More »

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3 Tips for Preparing Siblings for Sleep

I recently facilitated a webinar on sibling preparation and fielded many questions about sleep. Contrary to what you might think, most questions were about the big sibling’s sleep, not the newborn! The birth or adoption of another child definitely brings … More »

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separation anxiety and sleep

My eldest daughter started nursery school a couple weeks ago.  She simultaneously began to awaken at night. I also started receiving many calls from weary parents concerned about this new change in their preschooler’s sleep as well. And when you … More »

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sleepless in boston?

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening event for giggle in the Boston suburb of Dedham this past weekend!  I totally enjoyed getting to meet the expectant moms and couples who attended my sleep talk and q&a.  Best … More »

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