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Last-Minute Father’s Day Ideas for Baby-Brained Mamas


Before you panic about being unprepared for Father’s Day this Sunday, I want to remind you that you probably already have everything you need to celebrate. (Yes, really.) Think about it: you could brew some coffee, change all of today’s diapers, and whip up a real present, all in a few minutes.

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Here are some other last-minute ideas every baby-brained mama should take advantage of.

You could print these DIY labels and make even the simplest gift look lovely before he comes down for his morning coffee. Things you can buy in 30 minutes or less: Your husband’s favorite candy or snack food (already in your house or right at the corner store); new barbecue tools; or coffee beans. (See how I’m just grasping at whatever I know he’ll like?) Even if it’s nothing fancy, labels dress it up just enough to qualify as a gift. And when it’s hand-delivered by a super-cute kiddo? Well, that makes it even better.

Speaking of dressing up something you may already have, Whitney took an unloved board book and modified it to suit her husband’s personality. Here’s how she altered her son’s board book into a charming gift. If you have an hour and a few craft supplies handy, this adorable custom board book will make a new baby daddy happy every time he sits down for bedtime stories.

To me, brunch has always been the best meal a family with a baby could have while dining out. Reason No. 1: it falls within that sweet spot, right between the morning naps. Reason No. 2: It involves so many preferred (carb!) foods: toast, pancakes, fruit, toast, bacon, (and more toast) that kids never complain about. If you’re with me on that one, then pack up your crew for a Father’s Day Brunch at a favorite breakfast joint to make the day more special. While most “fancier” places will probably be booked up at this point, there’s one family-friendly eatery you can always count on: your local diner. But since you’re not the only family with this idea, just plan to arrive the minute your diner opens, and you’ll be in the clear.

Have dads or grandads in your family who live far away? One year I made a super cute video e-card of my toddler saying “Happy Father’s Day” and sent it to my step-dad, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. This is a great idea for any special occasion, as well as those last minute “Oh crap! We forgot to get something in the mail in time” kind of scenarios.

If those ideas aren’t quite easy enough, then consider this last one—it takes only 5 minutes. Step 1. Grab a plain onesie and a permanent marker. Step 2. Customize your baby’s outfit to show the love with an “I *heart* Daddy” message before he even gets out of the shower. (Trust me, Dad will love it.)

And last—but definitely not least—Dad will need a card. Lucky for you, our friends at Zoe B Organics have free Father’s Day printables that are perfect for a newbie dads.

Happy Father’s Day, mamas!

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