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Fun Fall Foods for Toddlers


I love autumn—the way it looks, the way it tastes… and I am so excited to share the season with my toddler. That said, he is the pickiest darn eater you ever did meet. But I’ve managed to find a few fall foods he can enjoy with me.

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Here are a few of my go-tos (along with a few more aspirational ones I can’t wait to try).

Tried and True: Mashed Pumpkin & Banana

Mashed pumpkin with banana; I’ve been feeding it to him since he was a baby (related: you can and should feed pumpkin to your baby) and though it looks gross, he gobbles it up it is so healthy! Less sloppy variations on this include banana pumpkin bread or muffins. During the Autumn, Trader Joe’s has an everything pumpkin section with easy-peasy boxes for making “homemade” baked goods.

Crowd-Pleaser: Sweet Potato Pie

A family favorite in our house is sweet potato pie. I purchase the batter premixed from Mamie & Makhi’s then pour it into a ready-made pie crust. One hour to bake and another to cool. We can handle that.

Crazy-Cute and Healthy: Veggie & Hummus Skeleton

Want to keep the Halloween fun going all season long—without an overdose of sugar? This raw vegetable skeleton from Whitney is exactly what you’re looking for!

Can’t-Wait-to-Try: Sweet Potato Jack-O-Lanterns

These sweet potato jack-o-lanterns from SimplyRecipes are cinnamon and sugary goodness sprinkled onto a super food and then baked. To keep them working through Thanksgiving, save yourself from carving faces.

As we cruise through the fall and head toward Hannukah and Thanksgiving, the crispy potatoes in latkes are so messy but super fun. You can hide veggies in there too.

Happy autumn eating!

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