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Best Apps for New Moms & Moms-to-Be

baby connect app

I am not exaggerating when I say that the smartphone is the best thing to happen to moms since the baby carrier. (Okay, so maybe I am—but just a little.) Having an iPhone handy when my baby was born meant I was never out of touch; I could take mega-zoom close up pictures, watch movies, play games, and text my husband to bring me a glass of water from the other room.

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Here are a few apps that you should download right away:

Still waiting for baby?

Download: giggle’s Best Baby Registry app
giggle’s registry app allows you to build your baby registry wherever you are and easily share with friends. Handy checklists and tools will help you remember what you might otherwise forget (because baby brain is real, people). Plus, you can personalize your registry with a little message, browse and shop, and more. Learn more about the giggle registry app here or download it in the App Store now.

giggle registry app


Download: CineMama
This wicked cool (and FREE!) app is sponsored by the March of Dimes, and lets you turn daily pregnancy photos into your very own mini-movie. Learn more about this pregnancy time lapse app or download it in the App Store.

cinemama pregnancy app


Download: My Pregnancy Today
Another free app from BabyCenter, this one will give you interesting information and extra reassurance as you hit all those pregnancy milestones. You can even opt to receive emails or periodic text/badge updates when your baby changes. (This is all based on averages, of course, it’s not your real baby texting you from the womb.)

Can’t stop taking baby photos? (Who could blame you.)

Download: Pictosaur
Similar to Cinemama, the photo-centric app Pictosaur can help you take endless pictures of your baby in the same position at the same angle over time to create a flipping awesome series. (Genius!) It’s about $2 in the iTunes store, but totally worth it.



Love to track baby data?

Download: Baby Connect
Personally, I was an obsessive tracker of baby data. If you are cut from the same cloth, I recommend Baby Connect for about $5. It lets you record feedings, naps, and medical data from multiple devices to support more than one caregiver.

babyconnect app


Need help leaving the house?

Download: Foursquare, Ingress, and Geocaching
Our primary mission at Rookie Moms is to help new moms have more fun and get out of the house every day. But if you need (or want) an app to remind you to actually get up and leave, or give you small missions each day, I know of plenty of those, too. From Foursquare to Ingress, there are lots of geeky mom apps that will turn all your little outings into a fun game you’ll love to play. (Personally, I can’t stop using Foursquare but my husband is totally hooked on Ingress.)

foursquare is a fun app for new moms


And it just keeps getting better. In my area, I have another app that allows me to grocery shop with my thumb and order a hot meal within minutes.

Are there any other apps that you love enough to tell the world?

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