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5 Healthy Snacks for Toddlers (That They’ll Actually Eat)


Toddlers can be pretty picky when it comes to mealtime — and I’m not just talking about their taste buds. They may not like the chair you’ve strapped them into. They may not like the way you keep leaving the room to get more face-wiping materials. They may view the time of day you’re calling “mealtime” as “bowl-throwing time”. Who gave you the right to call it mealtime anyway? (Pro tip: Skip the bowls. Put food directly on a high chair tray instead.)

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But as long as you’re trying new things to see what will stick, here are five easy and toddler-friendly foods you should give a whirl:

1) Frozen waffles + bananas. Place banana slices on top of waffle and let your child explore the relationship between the two.

2) Hard-boiled eggs. So simple they’re almost elegant. Until your toddler squeezes one between her fingers. Experiment with different presentation styles, including allowing her to watch you peel it. If that backfires, serve the egg sliced up next time.

3) Mixed berries. I fear that my son — now eight — is a terribly picky eater because I didn’t serve him enough foods mixed together when he was a baby. I think it’s due to… wait, this isn’t my therapy session? Okay then.  Back to you and your toddler: It might be worth the effort to give your little one strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all in one bowl to make her comfortable with different colors and textures touching each other. If I could only go back in time…

4) Pita with hummus. Hummus is basically baby food for grown ups. I won’t be surprised if they start selling it in a squeezy pouch. No reason a toothless kid can’t dip some pita or just her fingers in a container of hummus. Packed with protein and perfect for nurturing enjoyment of a flavor other than “sweet”.

5) Frozen organic peas. From my writing partner Heather, I learned not to bother cooking the peas if my toddler would accept them in their frozen state. So fast and easy. And, a green vegetable? Mother of the Year!

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