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Parent Talk: Best of 2012

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Rookie Moms

As we head into the new year, we’re looking back at the most popular posts from each of our columns from 2012. Our been-there, done-that moms Heather and Whitney have tips for you on topics like birth announcements, DIY Halloween costumes, gear that will last for years, throwing a modern baby shower, starting solids, and more.

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10 REALLY Creative Birth Announcements
There are so many lovely, modern stationery companies that will allow you to create gorgeous custom birth announcements in a flash, but we dug a little deeper than Tiny Prints and the others to find the next generation of adorable ideas for announcing your adorable baby.

5 Halloween Costumes to Make from Everyday Baby Clothes
Even if you don’t have the crafty gene, Halloween may inspire you to get your hands dirty with art supplies to make your infant a super adorable and incredibly easy costume. Ok, how about just scissors? A Sharpie? Here are five costumes you can make in under an hour out of an everyday bodysuit.

Gear That Lasts and Lasts
Babies grow so quickly that many of the adorable items we might get at a baby shower are outgrown before the first year is over. But I have a few favorite items that last and last.

4 Ideas for a Modern Baby Shower
One person’s Lilly Pulitzer-themed country club brunch may be another woman’s personal hell. Here are a smattering of baby shower concepts that are unbridled by tradition.

Getting Ready For Solids
Moving beyond breast milk or infant formula toward a full menu of foods is quite a process. Though babies continue to get most of their nutrition and calories from milk or formula for the whole first year, learning to enjoy different tastes and textures is a foundation for a lifetime of eating. No pressure or anything, huh?

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