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5 Gadgets That Make Parenting Easier

Top 5 gadgets that make life with a baby easier.

Can you believe there was once a time when gadgets were truly a luxury rather than a necessity? I know, it’s almost impossible to imagine — especially now that we live in a world where technology is on the forefront. My husband jokes that my smartphone is invisibly attached to my body, as it is always by my side. But the truth is, technology helps me on a daily basis both in my personal and professional life. And when it comes to parenting, there are several gadgets in particular that keep me organized, make sure I’m on time, and grant me some peace of mind.

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1. The iPhone. If you haven’t hopped on the iPhone bandwagon yet, it’s way passed time. I could dedicate an entire post to the joys of this rectangular beauty. The App Store is a mom’s best friend. You can download many different apps to keep your baby and toddler happy in case you need to provide them with a distraction at the last minute (just make sure you have a good case on the phone before you hand it over). While we are on the subject of apps, there is one for just about everything and anything you can think of — from counting your contractions to adding up your grocery . Imagine this phone as your own personal assistant and then some.

If I happen to be traveling away from my husband and kids, we like to use Facetime so that we can chat face-to-face. Between Instagram and the iCloud, they can always view my photos and see what mama is up to in real-time. (I’m childmode on Instagram, feel free to follow me!)

4. A Baby Monitor. Baby monitors have sure come a long way since we were kids. Take the MobiCam Digital DXR for example. Not only does this system allow you to record your transmissions, it picks up both audio and video from up to 450 feet away! Pretty impressive.

2. The iPad. Although you probably wouldn’t have guessed the iPad is very child-friendly, just be sure you pick up a protective case such as Otterbox’s Defender to save it from nicks, bumps, scratches and bangs. The iPad offers endless opportunities for learning and education. For adults, it is a great tool as well. I use mine for reading (via my Kindle app), researching and entertainment.

4. A High-Powered Pump. Medela made me a believer of ‘the pump’ in 2012 when I took a leap of faith and tried out the Freestyle. As a breastfeeding mom who had never pumped, I was blown away with Medela’s Freestyle. This little gadget fits in the palm of your hand, is super lightweight, and travels very well. A great choice for moms who are looking for a pump that can be carried with ease.

5. A Waterproof Camera. As a mom to three little ones, I am forever taking photo after photo with my iPhone and DSLR camera. Unfortunately, water, sand, and tech do NOT mix and during vacations and days at the beach, this can prove to be a little challenging. Last month while on a cruise, we opted to take our Nikon digital waterproof camera with us to the beach instead. My son played with it, my daughters took photos while swimming, and I was even able to get in some fabulous underwater shots of the tropical fish.



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