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5 Halloween Costumes to Make from Everyday Baby Clothes


Even if you don’t have the crafty gene, Halloween may inspire you to get your hands dirty with art supplies to make your infant a super adorable and incredibly easy costume. Ok, how about just scissors? A Sharpie? Here are five costumes you can make in under an hour out of an everyday bodysuit.

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1) Chef.
Insert a magazine (I used a newspaper) to prevent the marker from bleeding through to the other side or your work surface. Draw a double-breasted jacket on a solid white bodysuit. Give your baby some (safe) kitchen items to hold (like a spatula, whisk, spoon, etc.). I tied a pair of red leggings as a scarf. These red and white ones would be perfect. (Make a whole family of chefs by doing the same to t-shirts for mom and dad. Or you could be the waiters!)

2) Baseball.
For this one, I drew the arc shapes on a piece of paper and slid it between the front and back so that I could focus on making those little arrows along the paths I was tracing and not worry about where to draw them. This is such an easy last-minute costume. I didn’t have a permanent red marker so I used a regular marker because I’m not worried about making it last forever.

3) Fried Egg.
Attach a yolk on a solid white baby gown or one-piece by sewing or gluing (or taping) a piece of yellow felt or paper to the middle of it. I used a mug to trace a circle on an old t-shirt of my husband’s and then cut it out. Yellow construction paper or an old towel would work as well.

4) Bottle.
How cute is this? I found it on the Internetz (via BuzzFeed).

Candy corn. This clever hand-dyed sleep gown is from an etsy store. My husband lives for candy corn, and I think he would have loved to see our newborn wearing this. Start with a blank slate one like this.

On Celebrating Baby’s First Halloween. (Hint: You don’t have to.)
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