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My Best (Unsolicited) Advice for Moms-to-Be…


I was in Home Depot the other day and I saw a lovely pregnant woman with her husband. Maybe they were there to find paint for the nursery… or fix some long-overdue safety issue. How exciting for them!

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Unexpectedly, I turned into a total goofball; I wanted to hug her, help her find a snack, and probably take a picture of her radiance. Yes, she was a complete stranger. I realize that pregnancy is magical, silly, and overwhelming enough without me being weird so I just smiled and ran home to write down all the little bits of unsolicited wisdom I wanted to offer.

So should you ever catch me smiling wistfully at your pregnant self, here’s what I wish I could tell you…

You might not be terrific at every age or stage of your child’s life.
That’s ok. Some people LOVE infancy while other’s can’t wait for more interaction. Do not fret too much.

PRO-TIP: Focus on the good stuff if you can. It will all change soon enough, I promise.

Motherhood can be boring.
I was surprised — shocked even! — to find that parenthood could be so dull. Whitney and I started our website as a brainstorm for fun things for us to do with babies in tow.

PRO-TIP: Find activities and outings to fill your day. Use down-time to connect with friends over the phone.

Your house may be messy for a while.
If you are a generally tidy person, this one may be hard to take.

PRO-TIP: Exhale and look the other way. If finances allow it, give yourself permission to find cleaning help.

You may lapse into gender stereotypes.
Birth and early motherhood have a way of separating the women from the men, at least for a little while. It doesn’t have to be forever.

PRO-TIP: A hands-on daddy is the best kind. Find ways to encourage his independence with your baby early and often.

Your to-do list will be undone for a while.
Remember people telling you that babies sleep a lot? That is true, but they rest in unpredictable little bursts that make showering and eating lunch harder than they used to be.

PRO-TIP: Don’t try to tackle more than one thing a day. Still feeling under water? Try to make a did-do list for a few days.

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