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How to: Take a Baby to the Pool

Baby in the swimming pool
Rookie Moms

Going for a swim with your baby requires bravery and motivation, but if it’s incredibly hot and humid where you live, perhaps you’ll muster up both. Here’s how.

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Do your homework.
Check hours for “Family Swim” or similarly named time period at the pools you are considering. Call and ask what the pool’s temperature is. My kids got so much more comfortable with water from of their warm pool experiences. If there’s a therapy pool near you, check it out!

Expand your definition of swimming.
Many cities have splash pads or wading pools that might provide relief from the heat as well. Search those words, and the new-fangled term I just learned “sprayground” to find one nearby. Pools with zero-depth entrances can be wonderful for a baby who can sit up between your legs and just let the water lap up around her toes. (As long as you can find a spot where you won’t be trampled by big kids.)

Bring a stroller — or a friend.
You will need an extra set of hands while you change your clothes and will need to set the baby down. A cement locker room does not promise to have a safe spot for your child, so load up the stroller’s cargo area with your towels and dry clothes and wheel it into your destination. You might even want to leave it near the pool so it’s ready for you when you get out.

Get as wet as is fun.
Hold your baby close and get in the pool. If she enjoys it, hold her under her armpits and let her legs drag behind her as if she’s swimming on her belly. If she needs comforting, try singing some of the songs you use at home. Show her how to make a little splash with her hand. And if it’s not going well, try again another time.

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