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Keeping Cool with Your Belly and Your Baby

Beach Belly

The heat of the summer can be rough on a pregnant mama. One of my good friends was eight months pregnant with twins during some of our hottest months and she made it through. The answer for her is the same as what I’ll tell you: swimming!

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Swim, Mama, swim!
Though you may not want to be seen in your umm condition, swimming will make you feel weightless and free. Truly. Most people at the pool will be super impressed that you are out and active, and nobody is staring at your thighs.

Get off your feet, float in the water, cool off. All good things. I wish I had some pictures of me at the pool during those enormous months, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I wouldn’t allow photos to be taken.

Make sure to hydrate and wear ample sun protection. If you’re a natural lap swimmer, take it a bit easier than usual. Even non-swimmers deserve to float around.

More ideas for pregnant chicks
If you can’t be in a swim suit, I recommend wearing flowy comfortable clothes with flip flops and eating a lot of ice cream. Can you find a comfortable shady spot to curl up with a book? Finding a decent position and seat is hard enough so be sure to mix in a few pleasure books in among all your baby-wrangling research books.

Fun with baby in the summer
If you have a babe to wrangle in the hot months, my advice is similar. How adorable are chubby baby thighs poking out of a onesie in a stroller? So cute. If, instead, your baby wants to be held All The Time, the cool breezes of the stroller may elude you both for this summer. Treat yourself to a mesh carrier that breathes with you. Though I’ve never tried it, some moms have good luck wearing a baby carrier into the pool (or shower!).

Here are three fun summery activities for both mama and baby:

  1. Teeny tiny water table. My nine-month old is the perfect age to enjoy splashing around his high chair.
  2. Swimming. As you know from bath time, babies are slippery when wet. Swim time requires a bit more prep but it is still terrific.
  3. Shady afternoon picnic. Your baby is a perfect picnic companion with a blanket and some grass in the shade. Food is optional.

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