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Turn a Baby Shower into a Breastfeeding Shower!

Baby Shower with cupcakes and gifts
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If you’re expecting, or are throwing a baby shower for someone who is, consider making the celebration a great chance to get pumped up and prepped for the big day and breastfeeding! The fact is that the hardest time to learn about breastfeeding is after the baby is born and the more tools, information, and support a new mom has, the easier breastfeeding can be.

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Sure, you really only need a baby and a boob to do it, but you’re more likely to have a positive experience from the start (and avoid the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®) if you’re loaded up with confidence and assurances from friends and family members, expert advice and information, and a few tricks-of-the-trade– including some great breastfeeding products.  A Breastfeeding Shower is a great way to send the new mom into motherhood with her best breastfeeding game on and have some real fun!

Here are some ideas for your Breastfeeding Shower:

Fill Her Breastfeeding Toolkit.
A great evidence-based breastfeeding book and/or DVD (we like the book Breastfeeding Made Simple), a nursing camisole or gift certificate for a stylish, yet well-made nursing bra (we love the lacy ones at Leading Lady — some boutiques also do nursing bra fittings), a nursing stool, and a nursing pillow all help make proper positioning and latch –the two keys to getting off to a great start — a snap. Chip in for a private session with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant visit, or two, so one can occur before birth–find one at A labor or postpartum doula is also a great gift– getting the right help can make all the difference (think: Olympic coach).

Let’s Talk About Breasts, Baby.
A gaggle of gals assembled around the subject of birth and breastfeeding is the perfect place for unabashed stories about the “girls” and their wondrous transformation! Ask for guests who have breastfed to share successful and funny breastfeeding stories. Or ask everyone to bring a helpful breastfeeding tip or a quote from a favorite breastfeeding celebrity, book, or website on a 3×5 “recipe for success” card.

Make the Daisy Chain List.
Nothing is more appreciated once a new baby arrives than being relieved of dinner-making duties or daily household chores.   The new mom needs to focus on getting her breastfeeding sea legs, bonding with her baby, and getting the rest she needs.   Having a cheering squad of helpful friends and colleagues can lessen the risk of postpartum depression, and smooth the transition to being a new mom.

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