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gList Interview: Jill Dunk of Mama Mio

Ali's A- List - Mama Mio Jill Dunk, Family

This week’s A-List Interview takes you behind the scenes with Jill Dunk, Founding Partner of Mama Mio. We love Mama Mio’s collection of personal care products for expectant moms and consider them a go-to favorite for prenatal pampering. It’s no surprise that the woman behind the brand embraces the concept of taking risks — an important notion for any successful entrepreneur!

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What is your motto?
Just breathe! I have to remind myself often, mostly mid sentence! I also love the quote “Do one thing a day that scares you” from the Lululemon Manifesto, it reminds me to get out of my comfort zone when I get to cozy!

What inspires you?
Learning, I am so fortunate to have amazing people in my life. My family, my partners, our team and the awesome customers and supporters we have. I learn from each of them every day; the way they think, the way they give so generously and the support they provide keep me in awe.

Who is your hero?
My dad; I wish I had his patience

What are you currently reading?
Change Anything – The New Science of Personal Success.

What’s your favorite city/location/destination?
My favorite city is London — it feels very much like a second home now. My favorite location is my home especially after a long trip. My favorite destination is a tough one.

I think I have too many to list but here are a couple favorites: I live in Huntington Beach and I love to walk on the beach in October, early November when all the crowds are gone there is something about the sun at that time of year, the quiet provides me a special peacefulness. I also love being at the lake with my family; we’re pretty happy at any lake but I think Bass Lake near Yosemite is one of my most favorite destinations — it reminds me of a bath tub surrounded by pine trees.

Who is your favorite composer, or what is your favorite music genre?
Who would think this would be such a difficult question for me; it’s a little bit of a joke in our house I’m the only one that doesn’t have an itunes account with music in it. I like music you can listen to and understand what is being said (my kids are cringing). It could be a Helen Reddy song my parents played on our childhood road trips, to Echo and the Bunnyman, or something country. I’m all over the place.

What is your favorite baby gift you received?
With my daughter it was my husband’s childhood dresser that my parents and a family friend refinished to use as a changing table it eventually became my son’s dresser. With my son, it was his Barefoot Dreams blanket; he still checks to make sure it’s safe in his drawer.

What baby product can/could you not live without?
Funny, [it’s been] 18 years and I didn’t have to think too much about this one. I loved my sling and my Boppy pillow, I still love to give them as gifts.

And please complete the following:

…makes me laugh.
My husband! I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s a comedy show at my house.

My proudest moment in parenting is…
Wow, this is a tough question there are so many and I’m so proud of my kids who are now 15 and 18. I love that as teenagers they aren’t embarrassed to tell my husband and I that they love us regardless of who is around and I love seeing the foundation of who they are as young adults shine through just about the time I’m asking myself, “what did I do wrong?”

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