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How to Show Daddy Some Father’s Day Love

Rookie Moms

Father’s Day is not about romance. If you want to put on a sexy outfit to show your appreciation for your partner, that’s up to you. It’s actually hard to say what it is all about since it’s pretty much an invented holiday with no historical significance, but at this point, let’s assume that we’re embracing it. Also, for the purpose of this post, let’s assume we’re talking about a male co-parent who lives with you in your home.

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Here are three ways to show the person your baby will one day call Dada how delightful you think he is.

1. Take the morning shift. The cardinal rule of one’s special day is that they are not to be awake before 7am. I was terrible at letting my husband sleep in when my first baby was born. The time from 6am to 8am dragged so slowly. My solution? Leave the house. Take yourself and the baby out for coffee or a long walk. Quietly. Let your partner know the plan in advance so he doesn’t wake up and think you’ve left him.

2. Plan something fun. A spontaneous road trip is not super compatible with your little car seat of joy, so keep it simple. Take a picnic to a nearby park. Or just set up camp in your own backyard and bring music, food and chairs outside for a change of scenery.

3. Join forces with other dads. When your child is pre-verbal and doesn’t climb all over you screaming, “Daddy,” it still feels like this parenting gig is a game of pretend. Arrange a Father’s Day get-together with other families to celebrate the dads. As a team of rookies, their positions will be validated. Easy approach? Order pizzas, make a salad, and serve beer.

Yes, I realize I am ignoring the “gift” segment of the Father’s Day equation. That’s because every family is different. For you it might be a card-only holiday. Or a hand-made only holiday. But, if your child wants to give her dad a new iPad, that’s nice also.

Just don’t forget to take a nice photo of your partner with his babe.

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