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Trend Alert: High-tech Finds for the Technologically Inclined


There’s no doubt that technology has improved our lives in countless ways (keeping in mind, of course, the importance of unplugging occasionally). And even though our parents got along just fine without all the “stuff” we enjoy, these innovative products might make your job as parent just a little easier — and, if you love gadgets, a little more fun, too!

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WhyCry Baby Analyzer. 
Is your baby bored? Hungry? Sleepy? This neat gadget eliminates the guesswork by helping you determine what your baby’s crying means.

mamaRoo Bouncer.
Bouncer seats get an upgrade with electronically enhanced motions, speed settings and nature sounds.

Infant Movement Monitor.
Sleep easier with this mattress monitor that tracks movement and breathing and will let you know the second there’s a problem.

Origami Stroller.
Strollers go high-tech: Among its many cool features is the ability to charge your iPhone while you walk!

Yoomi Bottle.
Who needs a kitchen? Warm your baby’s bottle no matter where you are with the built-in warmer.

BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor.
Check in from anywhere with a baby monitor that can be viewed from your iPhone!

Sleep Sheep. 
This cozy plush toy doesn’t look like it does much, but a built-in sound chip provides soothing sounds like ocean surf or even mom’s heartbeat!

Cleanwater Infant Tub.
What a cool idea: not only does the thermometer let you know the water’s temperature, it changes color to let you know if the water is too hot, too cold, or just right.

OK to Wake! 
Is it time to get up? This clock changes colors to let your little one know whether to go back to sleep or greet the new day.

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