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Ali Loves: WWO’s Granny Program

wwo and giggle partnership

I greatly admire the work done by Jane Aronson and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, so much so that we chose them to be an official charity partner, with a portion of every dollar spent through our registry program going to support their work.

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One of the things I love is that WWO puts their efforts into helping children be successful and happy in their own environment. They provide important services, such as healthcare, mentoring programs, and training programs, and they even give kids opportunities to be kids, with fun programs like art, sports, and day camps.

They do so many things right I couldn’t begin to list them all, but one program I really love is their One-to-One Program, also known as the “Granny Program.” Through this program, retired women within the community are paired up with a child to give them a little extra attention. Did I say “little?” Make that a lot. They work with kids 20 hours a week on an ongoing basis and give them the individual attention they need to thrive.

What a great idea! What kid couldn’t use a caring “granny” to help them along? That’s just one of the many reasons I’m so proud to help out this worthwhile organization!

We’ve teamed up with WWO to improve the lives of children across the globe – and you can help. A portion of all qualifying registry purchases will automatically be donated to the WWO to fund programs for orphans in developing countries. Learn more!

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