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5 Clever Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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When I was first pregnant, I kept the news very close to my (bulging) vest. Of course, I told my husband and the eleven other people on our African safari, but after that I was tight-lipped. Here are five clever ways to share your big news.

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1. The ultrasound pic. I carried around the 9-week sonogram picture and handed it to my mom among other souvenirs from my honeymoon. Boy, was she surprised. The ultrasound image is a classic (easily recognized by most women), but my step-dad had NO IDEA what he was looking at.

Stick it in a greeting card, wave it like a flag, or post it on Facebook.

2. Confessional video. One part reality TV show, you can make a video announcement like I did with Whitney. If you are patient, creative, and talented, you can establish an amazing time lapse video for your future child’s enjoyment.

3. Announcement cards. Speaking of talented, if your area of expertise is in the visual arts, what about a photo card? Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind combined her good news with her holiday card.

4. The pee stick. A little bit gross compared to other methods of communication but super iconic. Want to tell your husband? Put the stick on his breakfast plate or beside his morning coffee. It certainly sends the message!

(photo by nonya)

5. The text message. How does a text message count as a clever way of sharing your news? Read and see.

(image from Fairy Magic on smartphowned)

Whether you’re whispering to your friends when you’re only three weeks pregnant or keeping the secret until 13 or even 20, have fun with this announcement!

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