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5 Must-Know Tips for Bathtime

Valentin Casarsa
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Babies don’t actually need a ton of washing – every few days is fine in the beginning. And you won’t actually give your baby a true bath until after the umbilical cord falls off. But whether or not your little one has graduated from sink baths to tub baths yet, there are some must-know tips that will always apply.

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  1. Don’t forget to test the water. Sure, a finger test can work, but consider a handy floating thermometer to be absolutely sure the water’s just right.
  2. Start by rinsing your baby’s body, then work your way to the face. End by washing the hair – a wet head can be chilly.
  3. Protect baby’s head from bumps and bruises with a simple faucet cover. (You’ll thank us later.)
  4. Stock up on soft organic cloths and natural sponges. They make it easy to wash tiny body parts and are way more sensitive on delicate skin.
  5. Choose chemical-free, hypoallergenic shampoos and soaps. They’ll help soothe and treat common baby skin ailments like eczema and cradle cap.

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