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Sleep: Silly Things Real Parents Try


Last night, as I snuck out of my 4-year old’s room (after carefully lifting one finger off of her back every ten seconds until my palm was completely free for another count of ten, then sliding off of her bed and tip-toeing out of the room) I immediately began to worry about the sleep interruptions that might lie in wait for me that night. Would anyone wet their beds? Have bad dreams? Call out for a parent’s attention simply because he or she woke up and felt lonely?

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Were there any additional measures I wanted to take before putting myself in bed to increase the odds of a good night sleep? And by the way, when did I become superstitious? Was it the day I named a pair of infant pajamas “lucky jammies” because my son slept through the night while wearing them?

I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone. Here are some sleeptime rituals some other rookie moms told us about.

Above is my son (left) in his lucky jammies, having fallen asleep in a sling and then transferred to a pillow.


After he closes his eyes I count to 100… I start over if he moves. — Heather

My first child had a lucky duck blanket. She loved being swaddled in that particular blanket; we called it magic.
— Kristal

I’d drop to the ground and lay there a while where he couldn’t see me until I heard heavy breathing. Then I’d crawl out. One crack of a toe would start the whole process over!
— Gina

My oldest friend had kids before I did, and every time we spent the evening together, at about 7pm, she or her husband would excuse themselves for a few minutes. They’d load their then two- and three-year-olds into the car and drive around the block for a few minutes. Then, they’d carry the sleeping toddlers into their beds.

Did I think she was crazy? Yes.

Do I think so now? No.

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What hoops do you jump through to get your babe to sleep?

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