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Spring Fun with a Baby


Since I’ve now given birth in September, February and May, I have taken a baby through spring at various ages and stages. Baby nursing so frequently, you can hardly leave the house? I’ve been there. Baby so wiggly you MUST leave the house? Been there too!

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Regardless of my baby’s age, though, I seem to be pushing a stroller and narrating the world to some little guy. Just this morning, I was pushing my five-month-old around making silly faces and talking about the light dappling through the trees. He doesn’t care what I say, but as long as I’m sharing the walk with him (rather than my omnipresent smart phone), he’s thrilled.

On, we call it a sensory tour of the neighborhood. That’s a fancy way of suggesting you stop and smell the roses with your baby. Remember to look around. And just keep talking.

Layers, layers, layers. Changing weather means I pack a little skullcap and light jacket in the diaper bag. Due to the unpredictable nature of my baby, I like to dress him in layers most of the time in order to prevent constant outfit changes.

Drooling, teething, spitting up, drinking, and eating all have the possibility of compromising the top of my cute chosen outfit. And the occasional explosive diaper accounts for the rest of the messes.

What if it’s rainy? Most of the nicer strollers come with a rain shield that keeps the bambino dry in the wet weather; these are worth the investment. I wear big honkin’ rainboots as needed. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to hold an umbrella and a stroller. And getting in and out of the car? Don’t get me started on that!

As long as we’re dressed for the weather, there’s no good reason NOT to get out of the house. When I visited my girlfriend in Copenhagen, the temperature was hovering around the teens and moms parked their babies OUTSIDE cafes (in appropriately cozy baby buntings, but still). And if you see a lady pushing a stroller talking about the sky, I’m not on my bluetooth, I’m talking to Sawyer.

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