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“If I Knew Then…” – Pregnancy Tips Straight from the Mouths of New Moms

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Want the real know-how? Check out these quick quotes from gals who have been down the road of pregnancy and new motherhood. Some more than once… or twice…

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“I wish I had taken more pictures. I spent so much of my pregnancy feeling fat, bloated, ugly, etc. that I didn’t want any pictures around, but now that Taylor is here, I wish I had more pictures to document that miraculous time.”
– Cheryl, mother to Taylor

“I wish I started yoga earlier to help deep breathing and relaxation to help reduce the pain of morning sickness and nausea.”
– Sohee, mother to Liam

“I wish I’d known to avoid reading the baby books, because most of them only make you anxious and leave you wondering how ANY baby makes it out of the chute in one piece.”
– Lori, mother to Zach

“If I could do it all over again… I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to LOOK pregnant! I was so excited to be pregnant, and wanted the world to know it. Consequently, I ate way too much from day one, gained far too much weight and became rather rotund all over, not just in the belly department!”
– Janet, mother to Fritz

“I would tell future moms to take all advice with a grain of salt, i.e. don’t think you are going to hurt your baby just because you had some crumbled blue cheese on your salad once or you had one glass of wine… it is about moderation like anything in life… you don’t want to eat unpasteurized food every meal or drink every night but the one time you slip probably won’t hurt you.”
– Nina, mother to Nadia

“I wouldn’t stress about stretch marks; there’s not much you can do about it [since] it’s based on heredity.”
– Tatum, mother to Amaya

“I think there is something to be said about keeping active and busy. I was in much better spirits and more energetic while teaching all fall vs. the summer when I had less to do. When I am not busy doing other things I spend more time thinking about aches and pains, if the baby is moving and growing properly, or what is to come.”
– Amy, mother to Matthew

“I kept bananas on my night table and I ate them in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t puke in the morning. String cheese helped with nausea, and I’ll tell you what – egg sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts always cured bad mornings!!”
– Jill, mother to Emery

“I would have read more fiction books – since there is no time now. [And] I would have taken some long weekends traveling with my husband or friends.”
– Kathy, mother to Ellie

“Pick out birth announcements before baby is born… this way when baby is born (and you do not have that time to leisurely pick them out), it is all set to go. You just have to call and input the name, weight, etc. [Also] get envelopes for birth announcements in advance so that you can stamp and address them [and] print out an extra set of labels or address the thank you envelopes… so when you get gifts, cards are ready to go – you just have to write the thanks!”
– Lynn, mom to Jack, Dean, and Isabel

“One piece of advice I always give my expectant mom (and dad) friends is to over-indulge and pamper yourself and [your] relationship. This is the last time for a very long time that it’ll just be about you and the opportunity to sleep in, nap, read, see movies, take classes, etc. Just go for it and don’t feel guilty. [Second] piece of advice is to have a lot of sex because once [the] baby arrives, no one’s getting any.”
– Jennifer, mother to a 17 month old

“I would have read more baby books and fewer pregnancy books. I was so concerned with pregnancy and delivery that I didn’t think much about what I would do with the little guy when I got him home. But pregnancy was a piece of cake compared to new mom-hood. I also would have taken a baby care class. [And] I would have done more Kegels. Trust me on this one.”
– Emily, mother to Luke

“If you work, take off at least a week before your due date, and take as much time (as your employer and your finances will allow) after the birth. I worked till the end and went back to work immediately. BIG MISTAKE!! You never get that time back.”
– Tatum, mother to Amaya

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