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The Best Present You’ll Ever Give

wwo and giggle partnership

Our next big news for 2012 is that we’ve started a great new charitable giving program tied in to giggle’s Best Baby Registry! We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to help less fortunate children through Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and we’re giving a portion of every dollar spent on baby gifts through our giggle baby registry to this worthwhile organization.

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Coming from a family with five adopted brothers and sisters (there were nine of us total), we’ve always understood the importance of sharing what you have. At giggle, we’ve know for a long time that if we really wanted to achieve our dreams, we’d have to find a way to connect our lucky giggle families to children throughout the world who weren’t born with the same good fortune.

We’ve found a great partner in Dr. Jane Aronson, founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation, who’s dedicated her life to trying to even the playing field. She’s the epitome of giggle families. Open to all creeds, combinations and situations, giggle and WWO are committed to making kids’ lives better and families stronger. Plain and simple. No judgment, all help. All kinds are welcome. We’re interested, together, in making it a better world – for all.

By donating a portion of registry dollars, we can get our giggle families involved without them having to do a thing. Both the expecting parents and the gift-givers can feel good about their purchases going to help less fortunate children, and hopefully it will help us all appreciate everything we have to be thankful for. Of course, we appreciate our giggle families every day, and thank you for helping us make a difference in children’s lives with gifts that give back!

Learn more about this new program!

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