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What to Register for: Furniture


While it’s lots of fun to open adorable bodysuits and teensie socks that look like sneakers at your shower, you know what’s really helpful? When people give you furniture.

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After all, a three-pack of little leggings is about $20, and you’ll have to save a lot more Benjamins if you are hoping to change your baby’s diaper on a surface other than your bed.

I was very lucky that my grandfather insisted on buying my first baby’s crib. However, I do think there was some sticker shock involved when he discovered how much a crib cost in the 21st century.

Gliders, dressers, changing tables, and high-tech strollers. These nice-to-have items are the splurges that some mamas truly enjoy selecting as they turn their spare bedrooms into nurseries. But budgeting for all of them can be overwhelming.

Note that I said “nice-to-have.” I would not be able to sleep at night if I went on the record insisting that you must buy these items. No, what you MUST buy is a car seat.

If there’s any tactful way to let your loved ones that what you’d most like as a gift is a contribution toward a piece of furniture, I encourage you to do so.

Here are some suggestions for how to ask for these big ticket items:

  1. Ask someone you trust to be your champion. Perhaps it is your older sibling or the person who has offered to host a shower for you. When folks ask where you are registered, say, “You know, I think Jen is working on a group gift.”
  2. Use a service like OurWishingWell that allows gift-givers to contribute to one large item.
  3. Register where you like (including giggle – shameless plug!) and plan to return things you don’t love in order to earn credit toward that one coveted item.

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What's your plan? Do you have a big-ticket item you're coveting? If you already have a nursery set up, which of these did you have to have?

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