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The First Month: Setting Little Goals


I didn’t make a lot of plans for my first month postpartum. I try to fully appreciate the those floppy baby snuggles. I remember the first several weeks of a newborn’s life as a blur. I lose track of days while recovering from the miracle (and trauma) of childbirth.

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I do, however, like to set small goals for myself. Really small. These are the little goals I created for myself before my little man joined the family.


The first week, I want to take a walk. I will walk to the cafe. If that’s too far, I will walk to the tea shop that’s half as far. If that’s still too far, I will sit on our porch. It’s attached to the house, so I think I can handle that.


The second week, I will make it all the way to the cafe and nervously sit through an entire cafe mocha. Just in case, I’ll get it in a to-go cup. (I found out after the fact that this baby prefers decaf. Oops!) Since the pediatrician visit is near a favorite take-out place, I’ll put myself in charge of dinner. One night.


I will entertain my friends at my house. And by “entertain” I mean that they can come over to view me and the baby in exchange for bringing us lunch or dinner. My friends will ooh and ahh graciously while neglecting to mention how pathetic my hair and outfit are.


I will drag a girlfriend and the baby to a daytime movie. Maybe on a Tuesday when the crowds are at their thinnest. If he wants to nurse the whole show, so be it. I will eat Junior Mints and popcorn. I might call it lunch.


Since I have relatives visiting, I will try so very hard to speak rather than sulk and remember Whitney’s good tips for getting help after baby. If I have extra energy for outings and challenges, I will tackle my own Rookie Moms 52 weeks of new mom challenges. They better not be too hard!

Clearly, I worry about going stir crazy. I wonder what kind of goals other moms set for themselves. And whether we are practical in our expectations.

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What do you think you can realistically get done the first month postpartum? Does it depend on c-section or vaginal birth?

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