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5 Reasons You Need a Bouncer


A third and fourth arm that grows out of one’s body after childbirth would be handy, but it still wouldn’t help when you need to get in the shower. And all those armpits? Who has time for shaving them? That’s why I am a big fan of a bouncy seat that can be dragged all over the house.

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Here are the daily routines that make having a portable baby chair worthwhile.

1. Kitchen duties. Give your babe the best seat in the house when you position the chair so that she can watch you do dishes or make yourself a snack.

2. Self-care. New moms often wonder, “How do I take a shower when I’m home alone?” You’re not alone, sister. Your hygiene practices now have an audience. Put your sidekick in his throne on the bathroom floor. The noise of the fan and running water may even soothe him — and the steam is good little stuffy noses, too. Who wouldn’t want to watch you blowdry your hair and put on make up? Okay, let’s be real — that routine might get cut short.

3. Eating. I definitely mastered the art of one-handed eating during early motherhood, but sometimes you just want to wrap both of your hands around a cup of tea. Or a messy sandwich. Putting my son on top of the dining table in his seat (buckled in of course!) allowed the two of us to look at each other as if we were on a date.

4. Exercising. Whether you just need a 5-minute stretch or are addicted to a daily heart-pounding workout session led by a celebrity trainer on DVD, it is nice to put the baby down so that you can lift your arms over your head and undo some of the baby-carrying burden your spine has been bearing. If your little one can watch you jump around, he’ll be less likely to complain about being put down.

5. Chores. Changing the trash bag, emptying the litter box, or dust-busting the cereal you just spilled over are simply two-handed tasks. If you’ve got a chair that vibrates or dangles toys in front of your baby, he’ll be having a lot more fun than you are while you clean up after yourself.

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