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10 REALLY Creative Birth Announcements


There are so many lovely, modern stationery companies that will allow you to create gorgeous custom birth announcements in a flash, that I suspect some women do it right from their recovery beds, which is where I sent an email to my mom’s group from my husband’s Blackberry to announce the birth of my daughter. (Nope, I didn’t have my own smart phone. It was 2007! The world has changed a lot since then!)

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I thought I’d dig a little deeper than Tiny Prints and the others to find the next generation of adorable ideas for announcing your adorable baby.

1. If you’ve got the crafty bug and a partner who’s willing to help, spend a few evenings together prepping these amazing Polaroid baby announcements so that when the baby arrives, all you have to do is add the photo. Full tutorial on FreshBakedPaperGoods.

2. Have a designer create a hi-res digital file for you (you supply the picture). This one is $16 on etsy from designer dena design. What you get in return can be used to print on your own printer, favorite photolab or sent via e-mail (save it as a smaller file size first.)

3. Annotated photograph. Could be fun for parents to point out qualities like “red hair” or “perfection”. This beautiful design is from Brooke Schwab Photography.

4. Similar to above, but with a spin that any architect or home remodelista will relate to.

5. Get graphic (but not too graphic) in diagramming how baby was made. This design is actually from and I picked it before realizing that Ali Wing of giggle also picked it as one of her favorites.

6. Forget postage. If you’re going to tell your friends via Facebook anyway, just order a print you love for the nursery wall. This is designed by Apple Blossom Print on etsy.

7. Or a pillow (from

8. Love movies? Use a poster-style announcement where the parents are listed as (re)producers. And ask the designer to cut out the sponsors, no? (From Incredible Invites)

9. This pretty glassine envelope earns a medium-rating on the DIY scale. Have copies of your favorite photo made and then face the challenge of printing onto a transparent envelope. Pop the whole thing an an outer envelope to mail. This one is designed by lily jane stationery.

10. Two options for those who are clever enough to plan way ahead. First a still image that includes baby in utero. Second a video, meant to be distributed electronically. If you took bump pictures every week, this is the one for you:

a) still picture by Brooke Kelly Photography

b) video from Don Rob on Vimeo

And finally, if you love the giggle brand, take a look at the line of baby announcements that they’ve done in cooperation with Paper Culture. They’ll make it super easy for you. (None of this cutting, video editing, or Photoshopping!)

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