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Ask giggle: Winter Skincare Essentials for Baby?

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Q: What are the best baby basics for bathtime/skincare during the cold months?

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A:  Sensitive care is especially important for babies and toddlers, and it becomes even more necessary during cold weather when a child’s delicate skin is more susceptible to drying and chapping.

First things first: find products with safe and healthy ingredients. Here are some terms to look for and what they mean:

  • Gentle: Fewer chemicals and less alcohol
  • Hypo-allergenic: Formulated against allergic reactions
  • All-natural: Contains no synthetic ingredients
  • Organic: Made from certified organic ingredients

So what do you need? Not a lot. Remember: Less is more. Over-bathing is the number-one culprit for cold-air skin issues. Wash less, and let your baby’s natural pH balance do the work it was meant to do. Meanwhile, use the following products as needed to solve specific problems:


  • Moisturizers: If dry skin has already set in, there are lots of options available. On the lightest end of the spectrum is a moisturizing spray that’s easy to rub in. In the middle are lotions and easily spreadable milk formulas. If you need a heavier moisturizer, try a cream or oil.
  • Diaper cream: There are basically two types of diaper cream: those that protect against diaper rash (often known as barrier creams) and those intended to treat a rash. Either way, these creams come in a range of consistencies, from sheer balms to thicker creams to pastes. These may or may not include a zinc oxide barrier to protect your child against moisture for longer durations.
  • Cheek sticks:  Take moisture on the go for the one part of the body that gets the most exposure to cold air. It’s easy to throw in a diaper bag and easy to apply wherever you are!


  • Foam wash: A gentle formula just for newborns, foam wash is usually soap-free and can be used to gently cleanse both hair and body.
  • 2-in-1 wash: Like foam wash, but it comes in formulas for both newborns and older babies.
  • Soap and body wash: You’ll want something a little more effective as your child becomes more active.
  • Bubble bath and bath milk: Every kid loves bubble bath, and while you shouldn’t use it every day, you’ll want to keep some on hand. Bath milk is a gentle, suds-free option that’s made for sensitive or dry skin.

Learn more about baby skincare in our Skin & Haircare Guide.

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