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What to Wear: Postpartum Edition

Fashion collage from Polyvore by taren-nicole-wallace

I wish I could say that the first few times you leave the house will be the only times you need to figure out how to dress your postpartum body, but the truth is that your size and shape will be, how shall we say… extra curvy for some time. Yes, things will be much better in six months, but if we led you to believe you’d be wearing your old jeans in one month’s time, we would not be very good guides to new motherhood.

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Here are a few tips and ideas for what to wear when you go out and about with your new baby.Maternity is not for eternity. While you’re probably anxious to get out of those stretchy panels and empire waists, try to have patience. Your belly’s fourth trimester shape will require forgiving clothes. Wear a bright necklace to distract from the Liz Lange label on your butt. Although you deserve to be pampered, stick to budget shopping for a while. It’s likely that in a few months, you will hate your postpartum wardrobe as much as you currently hate your maternity clothes.

Necklace: Old Navy

Wear black. You’ve heard this one before: it is slimming. No better time to take advantage of this illusion than when you are toting a temporary spare tire. Black yoga pants are good for running errands or a casual coffee date. A black long sleeved shirt that can drape loosely over your maternity jeans is versatile. If you have one you like, buy another in charcoal. Seriously, you’ll wear them all the time.

About those yoga pants. If they look like they’ve been washed 241 times, get a new pair. Or go nuts and get a different style.

Invest in a vest.A puffy vest is surprisingly flattering. Best for pushing a stroller because combining front carriers and vests starts to get a little complicated, and complicated is the last thing you’ll need. Another bonus: if you’ve got sore nipples, there’s something comforting about a warm pillow-like garment hugging your chest.

More layers. A nursing cami or tank top is your best friend because it will allow you to nurse without revealing your whole mid-section. On top of that, try out cardigans, ponchos, slouchy sweatshirts, and balance the billowing top half of your outfit with leggings or skinny jeans.  A pair of jeggings from Target can take you from six weeks postpartum to six months. At the end of that period, reward yourself with more expensive denim, if that’s your style.

Poncho: ModCloth

Get busy with prints and color.A fun pattern on your top can camouflage the areas that make you uncomfortable. If you are not ready to draw that much attention to yourself at all, refer to the “Wear Black” tip and treat yourself to a bright pair of shoes.

Street style/barn-style mom photo courtesy of, a site packed with fashion suggestions for new mamas

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