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8 Tips for Holiday Travel

Check in baby

‘Tis the season for holiday travel, and families everywhere will be making the trek to spend time with loved ones. During the holidays, a little bit of planning can go a long way towards keeping spirits bright.

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1. Choose flight times wisely. Don’t kick off the holidays with a fussy flyer in your lap. The best way to keep your journey peaceful is to pick a time when your child is most likely to be asleep. Book a flight that coincides with naptime, or, for longer distances, consider taking a red-eye. It works wonders! Be sure to pack their favorite blanket or security item in your carry-on luggage to help put baby at ease.

2. Plan ahead so you can pack less. Most car rental companies can provide a car seat along with your car. And more and more hotels can arrange stroller rentals for your stay, so be sure to ask when you book your room. Just think how nice it would be to leave some of those larger items at home! Otherwise, bring an umbrella stroller – they make zipping through the airport a cinch – and a gate check bag protects it.

3. Pack healthy snacks. Pack snacks for eating on the go and avoid juice binges by bringing along plenty of water. And skip the airport food; not only is it too expensive, it’s also more likely to be highly processed and full of sugar. Healthy munching and sticking to a schedule will go a long way towards keeping things in balance.

4. Dress for success. Choose comfy clothes for both you and your baby so that you can rest easy during flights. One of our favorite choices is mix-and-match separates. They’re comfortable enough to keep your child happy and stylish enough for meeting Grandma at the airport.

5. Let us entertain you. Bored kids are restless kids. Bring along plenty of quiet but interactive activities without too many pieces to drop or throw. Look for toys with all the moving parts attached like our Tree Top Activity Mirror or Whoozit Activity Spiral. For older kids, try an Artist Set or Young Artist Coloring Gift Set or one of the marker sets that only works on special paper to make sure walls and airplane seats don’t get unwanted decorative touches.

6. Don’t forget your baby monitor. They’re often overlooked when packing, but when you’re downstairs enjoying a glass of wine with the family while your child is napping, you’ll be glad you brought it along.

7. Prepare for potties. Just made it out of diapers? Lucky you. And for your reward, you’ll now be visiting every public toilet and airplane bathroom from here to Grandma’s. But a portable potty seat is easy to take along and makes a nice and dependably clean layer between your child and the rest of the world.

8. Take toiletries to go. Less is more when it comes to packing baby toiletries. Face cloths are great for travel touch-ups, and two-to-one and no-rinse washes help keep things simple. Look for travel kits with pint-sized versions of your favorite products.

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