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On Celebrating Baby’s First Halloween


As worked up as I personally get over Halloween, I realize it’s not for everyone. So if you are not an observer of Halloween, rest assured that you get a pass during your first year as a parent. Your baby will be none the wiser.

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Be warned however (insert wicked laugh), that as you move forward in your parenting career, expectations will heighten. You will need to know where to trick or treat, how much candy to allow your child, and how to deal with a preschooler who, after agreeing to be Minnie Mouse for weeks, decides at 5 pm on the day of Halloween that she will be Tinkerbell instead. Not that that’s ever happened to me.

As a new mom, though I can help you keep it simple. Here are my tips for different approaches to Halloween for rookie moms.

1) Still pregnant? You can do as you please and eat all the candy you like (as long as you don’t have gestational diabetes!) Make the most of your baby bump with a fun costume or a painted belly. Not into it? Go about your day and hit the sack early.

happy belly - 39 weeks

2) Dying to show off your baby? So he’s a little young for trick-or-treating, but you can still dress him up and stroll through the neighborhood, taking in the excitement of the big kids and their sugar buzzed energy. You don’t have to knock on any doors to enjoy the evening.


3) Too spooked to leave the house? A fall evening at home is a perfectly legitimate way to spend All Hallow’s Eve. Answer the door with a silly hat or in your pjs — or turn off the porch lights and snuggle up with baby in your bedroom with a good book. Opting out is totally allowed!

4) A stickler for old-school handmade Halloweens? You’ll find dozens of great ideas for creative costumes for babies online. Just make sure your masterpiece is a good fit for your baby’s need for mobility.

5) Love to shop? Choose a soft and snuggly costume your baby can fall asleep in. We love the ones that double as PJs that she can wear through the rest of winter.

photo credits: sleeping Peter Pan, painted belly, owl beanie, stroller lion

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