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My Pregnancy Bucket List

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The last few weeks of pregnancy are tricky. Not only is it a huge mystery when the baby will actually make an appearance, but also I’m uncomfortable, itchy and cranky. My proposed remedy is to fill my calendar with nurturing fun activities to keep myself amused and entertained. This is my third pregnancy, so I’m strategic: I will also throw in a few nesting tasks so I can cross some items off my to-do list.

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As I approach the final five weeks (which we know is an unspecific number that actually means somewhere between three and seven!) of pregnancy, I’m building my list of wonderful things to do. Some of these treats for me are practical to do with a baby in tow and some are totally not. Either way, I’m doing what I like on my own timetable.

  • Seeing movies. I will make a standing movie date with my girlfriends to watch movies. True, sitting in a theater seat can get awfully uncomfortable, but it’s not much worse than sitting on my own couch. Plus, it’s social!
  • Getting pedicures. In order to get relief from my swollen feet and ankles, I have increased my pedicure frequency to about every three weeks. I deserve it. And, since I can only fit into flip flops these days, my tootsies are getting shown off plenty. I like to schedule a “due date pedicure” as something wonderful to look forward to if the baby is running late.
  • Haircut. I plan to take full advantage of my lustrous pregnancy locks while I have them. I’m currently growing my hair out from a hormonally-induced short haircut and then having a good cut and style during my last weeks before baby. It may be months before I can schedule another hair appointment and by then, I’ll have baby bangs to contend with.
  • Eyebrows and lashes. Strategically close to my due date, I want to have my eyes properly framed with shaped and tinted brows. Being a fair-haired chick, I will also likely dye my eyelashes. Being stuck in a hospital bed is no time for a full make-up session, and yet, so many photos will be taken, I want to be ready!
  • Short walks with friends. I like to walk around my neighborhood and pick up a few extra take-out menus while I’m out. At this stage in my pregnancy, I can’t always get very far. Oh well.
  • Swimming. Want to experience weightlessness while you’re carrying an extra 30 pounds around? Nothing beats swimming!
  • Stock my freezer. Boring? Maybe. But oh-so-nice once the baby is here to have a few meals ready and waiting. I have a lasagne and some make-ahead enchiladas in there from earlier this week. I’ll keep going as I have time and energy.
  • Make my childbirth music playlist. I like to find songs that inspire and recharge me for one playlist and another song set of more mellow music.

It might be worth noting what is NOT on my list: concert tickets requiring me to stand, expensive theater tickets for shows I might have to skip, distant travel, and hot tubbing.

So, that’s my little pre-baby bucket list. What’s on yours?

NOTE: Heather’s baby arrived two and a half weeks early; therefore, she did not accomplish most of these list items. (See previous post on When things don’t go as you expect!)

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