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Ask Ali: Summertime Safety Products for the Family?


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Q: I enjoy heading outdoors with my two young children — especially once the weather turns warm and sunny.  Can you recommend some easy-to-use products for safe and healthy fun in the sun?

A: Sure! Here are some of my top picks for protecting your little one while still enjoying the great weather outside.

supergoop! productsSupergoop! Sunscreen. When it comes to sunscreen, Supergoop! is my favorite. It’s so weightless you can hardly tell it’s there, and it’s available in all sorts of forms to make it really easy to apply — including spray, lotion, stick, wipes and lip balm.


Babiators Sunglasses. Protect babies eyes with childsafe sunglasses that offer true 100% UV protection. Babiators are made of rubber instead of hard, paint-coated plastic and their mirrored lenses are also impact and shatter-resistant.


Cabana Life Clothes. These resort-friendly clothes are super-cute and provide UPF 50 protection from the sun (compared to UPF 5 for most lightweight clothing).



giggle Better Basics sun hatsgiggle Better Basics Sun Hats. Add another layer of defense against sun damage with a sun hat. Start early to get them used to the idea (before it’s too late!), and don’t be shy about putting them in hats with ties while you can still get away with it.



PePeaPod Plus travel bedaPod Plus Travel Bed. We love the PeaPod Plus — not just for making overnight trips way easier, but also for offering supreme UV protection and an ideal place for naps on the beach, at the park, or anywhere else you travel.



Safety Turtle Wristbands. Worried about your inexperienced swimmer taking an impromptu dip? Safety Turtle is a simple wristband for children that sounds an alarm from its base unit when it gets wet.



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