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Muji to Go

How to Muji-Lego

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Here’s something I found among the many wonders of the JetBlue terminal at JFK. The design store Muji has a crafts set combining Legos and paper cutouts which you and your child can color in and assemble into a mini circus, undersea world, or what have you…

The kits are cute and durable enough that you can keep them long after your plane trip is over. When you get home, set them up as dioramas in your child’s room and start a collection. There’s something very Japanese about this, both in its relationship to origami and the product’s innate respect for the intelligence of a child, but then you have a Scandinavian vibe from the Lego as well.

My attempts when I was little to make myself a Calder circus from scratch ended with middling results. But if Muji had been around, I think the flights would have seemed much shorter. Don’t forget to buy the hole puncher!

About David Netto, Design Guru

Having been a successful designer of interiors for many years, David noticed when his first child was born in 2001 that kids' rooms were the one area of the house that had no good options for parents with personal style, along the lines of a SoHo loft or glassy beach house. David founded NettoCollection in 2003 to pioneer the stylish modern aesthetic in baby furniture, and to bring to market products for children's rooms that were designed with both luxury and good sense in mind. David lives in New York and Los Angeles with his wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters.

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